Audi releases electric two door convertible concept car skysphere with variable wheelbase / steering wheel pedal can be hidden

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audi releases electric door convertible

2021 year 8 month 10 Japan , Audi launches a new electric two door convertible concept car ——skysphere. The new car adopts variable wheelbase design , Can be in sports cars and GT The car can switch freely between the two models ; Standard configuration L4 Level of autonomous driving technology , The steering wheel and pedals can be hidden ;WLTP Maximum endurance 500 km . It is reported that , audi skysphere The concept car will be in FAW at this year's Guangzhou auto show - China's debut at Volkswagen Audi booth .

aesthetic , audi skysphere Concept car from Hoshi 853 The visual inspiration of the convertible , The front face is an integrated grille , Embedded with luminous three-dimensional four ring logo , The grille and the left and right sides are supplemented with white LED Elements , It can realize functional effect and dynamic welcome pattern when the door is opened and closed .

Side view , audi skysphere Concept car captain 5.19 rice , Width 2 rice , Height 1.23 rice . The new car uses Audi's iconic long front compartment 、 Short front suspension design , The arc wheel arch is widened and expanded , More prominent, wide body . The hub size is 285/30 R23, Low roll resistance design .

Driving mode from Grand Touring Switch to a Sports after , The wheelbase of new cars will be reduced 25 centimeter —— Equivalent to from Audi A8L The size of the is shortened to Audi RS 5 The level of . When the wheelbase is shortened 、 When the front of the vehicle moves , The rear of the side trim panel will “ Implicit ” Behind the rear wheel arch . meanwhile , Before and after LED The lamp will present a specially designed dynamic sequence , Full of sense of technology .

The rear part , audi skysphere The concept car adopts large-area glass modeling , Cross fixed by straps . Numbers LED The tail light crosses the rear of the vehicle , Red LED The unit falls on the vertical rear surface . Between lighting unit switches , The reflection presents dynamic lighting and shadow effects .

interiors , audi skysphere The concept car adopts Art Deco Decorative art style , Seats are made of a variety of sustainably produced materials , Such as microfiber fabric 、 Environmental certified eucalyptus and synthetic leather, etc , Pay attention to environmental protection and sense of design .

The large touch screen display on the upper part of the instrument panel and center console is wide 1415 mm , high 180 mm , Used to operate the vehicle and infotainment system , And provide a variety of Internet services and personalized customization services . stay Grand Touring In mode , Can display the Internet 、 Video conferencing or streaming movie content , meanwhile , The small touch panel on the door can also be used for air conditioning operation .Sports In manual driving mode , Together with chassis and body , The display panel on the instrument panel and the centre console moves backwards , Enable the driver to find all vehicle controls in the most comfortable position .

motivation , audi skysphere Equipped with rear motor , Total output power 465 kw , torque 750 cattle · rice , 100km acceleration 4 second , The battery module is mainly located behind the cabin , The remaining modules are located in the central channel between the seats in the vehicle , The car weighs about 1800 kg . The battery capacity is expected to exceed 80 KWH ,WLTP The maximum range exceeds 500 km .

The new car has Grand Touring and Sports Two driving modes with variable wheelbase technology ,Sports In mode , The new car is the captain 4.94 M's electric sports car , and Grand Touring In mode , The new car will become the length of the car 5.19 m GT models , And in the first mock exam , audi skysphere The steering wheel and pedals can be hidden .

Chassis , audi skysphere Double wishbone structure is adopted for front and rear suspension , At the same time, it is equipped with the latest adaptive air suspension of Audi brand , Ground clearance has 1 Cm adjustment space , The driving comfort and sportiness of users are improved .

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