What is the experience of driving a domestic steel gun to blow up the street and test drive the third-generation mingjue MG6 pro

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experience driving domestic steel gun

City racing is forbidden , However, this does not stop the performance car from showing muscle , Comrades living in Sanlitun, Beijing may have deep feelings , In the dead of night, people often wake up by the sound of street bombing . These cars that can blow up the street often either run over a million or change their exhaust , It takes a lot of money to have a sound sports car . Today, the protagonist of our test drive MG6 PRO The original factory has its own sports exhaust , More than 100000 cars can get a good sound wave experience by slightly stepping on the accelerator . If sound waves have cost performance ,MG6 PRO Definitely at the top .

Design :

The third generation MG6 PRO From beginning to end, it reveals its powerful sports gene , The new car has bubbles 、 Thunder grey 、 Red flame red 、 Pearlescent white and obsidian black are available in five body colors , The actual model of the test drive is bubble orange , dynamic .

The front face looks fierce , The overall shape is subduction , The front cover line is full of strength . The headlights are of split design , The lamp eyebrow rises , Narrow and inclined inward , Sharp glare ahead .

The front grille is designed with wide body and large polygon , Like a big mouth . Lattice design is adopted on the outside of the grid , Internal polygon interleaving , There are many levels . The flat convex front shovel with contrast design increases the downforce for the vehicle .

The body lines are smooth , Push down front with slightly rear A Column and compact rear , Form a good body proportion .

18 Inch blackened cyclone wheel hub with red brake calipers , Create a strong sports atmosphere . in addition , Pearly white 、 Obsidian and thunder grey will be equipped with yellow brake calipers .

The rear of the car is designed with a wide and thick rear wheel package , The tail surface and tail lamp design complement each other , And match with through blackened trim . The lower part adopts two sides with a total of two sports exhaust valves , There is a total of 4 A small exhaust pipe , Pairwise integration .

The new car uses G-Force 2.0 Aerodynamic kit , The huge dark tail provides MG6 1.24 Times the downforce , As well as the rear diffuser and the air guide at the front of the car, all show the powerful sports gene of the car .

Interior design :

The new car is grey and yellow / Available in dark and black interior colors , The real model of the test drive is grey yellow interior , The overall atmosphere is full of vitality , The center console wrapped in yellow soft leather and yellow hand stitches are embellished .

The steering wheel is a bright spot in the car , The new car adopts a three spoke multifunctional steering wheel , At three or nine o'clock Alcantara Material wrapping , Very comfortable grip , At the bottom right is SUPERSPORT Super Sport mode red switch knob .

12.3 Inch interactive full virtual instrument support AR Live driving assistance , At the same time, it can also be linked with the central control screen , The dial has various forms , The theme will be switched according to the driving mode .

10.1 The inch suspended central control screen tilts slightly to the driver's side , Keep a row of physical keys below , The overall design is very simple , Entertainment functions are integrated into it .

The center console is in a grayish yellow contrast style , Electronic gearshift 、 Electronic handbrake and other functions embellish it . It is worth mentioning that , The vehicle is equipped with tail exhaust sound wave start button , When lit, you can have a sound experience .

The integrated sports seat is matched with gray and yellow contrast color , Infinitely extending at the head restraint MG The logo has the style of a king . The driver's seat supports six way electric adjustment , The seat cushion is wide and comfortable .

Highlight configuration :

The vehicle is equipped with Venus intelligent system , Can be realized 90 Second continuous conversation . in addition , The car is also equipped with wireless charging 、 Immersive BOSE Highlight configurations such as audio , Further improve the comfort in the car .

Space design :

The front row space is excellent , Head space remaining about 4 finger .( Model height 182cm)

There is plenty of legroom in the back , There are about two punches left ; Head space is slightly tight , About the rest 2 finger .( Model height 182cm)

Power configuration :

MG6 PRO Equipped with SAIC blue core MEGATECH 1.5T High power engine , use 350bar Ultra high pressure fuel direct injection technology , matching 7 Quick wet DCT transmission , The most powerful 181 horsepower , Maximum torque 285 cattle · rice .

Test drive experience :

The test drive is from Suzhou Taihu Lake scenic area to Shanghai Auto City , The entire 97.1km, Which about 90% It is a high-speed section .

As soon as you get on the bus, you will be red at the lower right corner of the steering wheel SUPERSPORT Attracted by the red button , After pressing, the central control screen switches to four dials , The oil pressure is displayed separately 、 Turbocharger pressure 、 Coolant temperature and intake air temperature , The sports atmosphere is filled instantly , The adjustment of the whole vehicle will also be more sports . In Super Sport mode , The power adjustment is not as fast as expected , It feels relatively conservative , The throttle control is quite accurate , Deep stepping on the accelerator is accompanied by the low sound of sports exhaust , Get a good acceleration experience immediately .

But from the perspective of driving fun ,SUPERSPORT The adjustment of the mode may not satisfy me , It may be due to fuel economy considerations , When the vehicle taxis, it will engage high gear to reduce the speed , At this time, if there is power demand , There will also be some hysteresis in downshifting , Will affect the driving experience . therefore , The real essence of this car is manual shift , The shift paddle injected the soul into the car , Xiaobian spent most of the test drive using manual gear , It will be more flexible to shift gears through the driver's own judgment , More precise and fun to drive , meanwhile , It can also give full play to the performance of this car . With the roar after downshifting , This car can definitely give you a great driving experience .

Used. SUPERSPORT Mode and then switch to other modes , It feels like changing a car , I feel a little meat in the car . But after all, I have to live , The fuel money that should be saved still needs to be saved , Switch to economic mode 、 Turn off the exercise exhaust sound , It returns to the original intention of a family car again ,“ meat ” But it can give you a sense of security .

The car's high-speed performance is commendable , stay 127km/h The car is still stable at a speed of , This is due to the downforce provided by these aerodynamic kits , Hold the car firmly “ Press ” On the ground .

Finally, I want to praise the sports exhaust carried by this car , Let's not talk about the sound quality it presents , Such a car of more than 100000 yuan is equipped with sports exhaust in the original factory, which is definitely a big plus . What is sound ? For me, that's the adrenaline switch , It can immediately awaken the driver's desire to drive the car . therefore , A small steel gun can't be without sound waves . When I first touched the car , Everyone thought it was a simulated sound wave , I don't doubt too much , Until you open the window , You can obviously feel the low sound , Suddenly, I became more and more fond of this car .

Alcantara The steering wheel 、SUPERSPORT Super sports mode and chassis adjustment 、 Aerodynamic kits, etc , It is obvious that the design of this car is more focused on driving itself , It is more suitable for users who pursue driving fun . As a domestic small steel gun , How cost-effective depends on the price , At present, the pre-sale of new cars has been started, but the pre-sale price has not been announced , It is reported that it is expected to be officially listed at the Chengdu auto show in the third quarter , Let's look forward to it !

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