The only independent SUV to test drive SAIC Maxus D90 Pro diesel Lop Nur version

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independent suv test drive saic

Speaking of self owned brand compact SUV, I'm sure you've heard of Harvard on the screen H6、 Geely, the more 、 changan CS75 PLUS Wait for a crowd of players , But for medium and large-scale enterprises with independent brands SUV, It is the blind spot of some people's knowledge .

There are few products of independent brands at this level , It's the only one who goes hardliners and uses diesel engines —2021 SAIC Maxus MAXUS D90 Pro 2.0T Diesel Lop Nur version .

Hardliners have details

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5005mm/1932mm/1875mm, The wheelbase 2950mm, The length and wheelbase are more prominent in the same class .

Car wechat is coming

Driving is more important than riding

Power on , The new car is still equipped with SAIC π 2.0T Twin turbo diesel engine , The most powerful 218 horsepower , Maximum torque to 500 cattle • rice , Match ZF 8AT, Meet the six b discharge , Very high in power specifications .

8AT The speed will be controlled at... By actively upshifting 2000rpm following , On the one hand, it can effectively control the noise of diesel engine , On the other hand, it can reduce fuel consumption .

The low-speed torque of diesel engine is its strength , At the same time, there is no discomfort in shifting the transmission ,D90 Pro The driving force is very suitable in the city .

Brake pedal close 1/2 The braking force of the stroke is weak , At the same time, it feels hard to step on your feet deeply , When braking hard, you need to adapt to .

The rigid suspension adjustment makes the vehicle vibrate more , And sometimes it comes directly . in addition , The one-way travel of the steering wheel has 1.75 circle , The strength of returning to the middle is also relatively weak , These are D90 Pro Places not suitable for paved roads .

Full text summary :“ be somewhat refined in one 's rough way ” This is my most intuitive feeling about the new car after this test drive , First, in driving , Hardline D90 Pro It's good to drive on the highway , power 、 to turn to 、 The suspension is set very smoothly ,“ crude ” In terms of the comfort of the suspension and the adjustment of the brake .

Secondly, in terms of appearance and interior decoration , Details of the decoration 、 Aerodynamic opening on the side of the vehicle 、 Spider Zhilian 2.0 Car engine 、 The soft bags on both sides of the center console are D90 Pro“ fine ” In terms of , That's what distinguishes it from its opponent, Harvard H9 The place of . It's a pity that I didn't get it right this time D90 Pro Have an in-depth experience of off-road performance , Non paved road is its main use scene , I look forward to working in Datong cross country college in the future “ stop yearning ”.

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