When you are young, you should fly with personality and shoot the new Geely Binyue

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young fly personality shoot new

Let's start with a small question , Do you know domestic small SUV Which model is the sales champion ? Yes, it's Jili Binyue , Accumulated harvest since listing 35 The favor of 10000 car owners .

It has been listed in the twinkling of an eye 3 year , It's time for a wave of mid-term changes , What new surprises will such a popular model bring us ? Follow the camera to feel the wonderful changes brought by xinbingyue .

Beauty is still online , Add more movement to the look

without doubt , Bingyue aims at the market of young people . Nowadays, young consumers are increasingly picky about vehicles . It has long been beyond the scope of transportation tools , They need to have more personality 、 Fashion elements and fashion style . Xinbin is more sensitive and captures this information , And put it into practice , So we see Geely with technology on the new model 4.0 Time “ Energy storm ” For the whole vehicle modeling of design elements . simply , Xinbin is becoming more and more dynamic 、 cool .

Xinbinyue doesn't use exaggerated big mouth modeling , But the brand new X shape “ Energy storm ” The front face is geometrically cut on both sides C Shaped fog lamp frame , Create a full three-dimensional effect and sense of movement , The front of the car is very aggressive , Especially with fighting style . At the same time, the ventilation slots on both sides are not simple decoration , It is genuine and has the function of guiding the wind , The details are well considered .

The headlight group has also been redesigned and optimized , It not only improves the external appearance , The internal light source is also applied to all LED, cornering lamp 、 Daytime running lights are unified as LED, Regular light show effect can be issued when unlocking , The sense of technology is enough .

Xinbin boldly adopts the contrast sports body design , The ultimate color contrast provokes the visual sense , Looks more sporty and trendy , Show the youth of the whole vehicle . The actual model is red and black , There is also storm blue 、 Gale yellow 、 Confidence is white 、 Thunder and ash are 5 Body color , Each style is full of personality .

Details and embellishments are also what xinbinyue particularly likes , Details of grid local embellishment , Anterior lip 、 The side skirt is accompanied by three bright red slashes , Show unruly 、 Avant garde design concept . Look at the big picture , It feels very much in line with the tastes of young people . Also creating a sense of movement 18 Inch wheels and red painted calipers , And the most indispensable double-layer moving tail and four outlet exhaust layout , When these elements are combined , believe me , You will be very satisfied .

The interior is dedicated to creating an exclusive atmosphere , The materials for workmanship are sufficient , A sense of sophistication

Xinbingyue's interior features are distinctive , First, you can see the matching with the body color , In addition to the actual shooting of red vehicles , It also adds a new interior color of Jinxiang yellow , Also create a strong movement posture . Xinbingyue also added 72 Color rhythm atmosphere lamp , With breathing mode 、 Linkage with driving mode 、 Follow the speed rhythm and other effects .

Xinbinyue's front passenger seat is printed with “BATTLE” word , Several matte metal brushed panels decorated with colored lines can also be found in the cabin , Further enhance the high-quality experience in the car . This is your exclusive combat cockpit .

I personally like two parts of the interior , One is the aircraft type stopper shape , The design is avant-garde and uninhibited , Integrate scientific and technological and functional ingenuity , The key layout is reasonable , Easy to operate . The other comes from suede sports seats , The exquisite sewing process brings an intuitive high-level feeling , At the same time, ergonomics is more reasonable , Wrapping and supporting properties are really good . But the fly in the ointment, the co pilot is only manual adjustment , If you can also enjoy the treatment of electric regulation , That would be perfect .

Keep carrying 1.5T The engine , matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox

The power of xinbingyue has not changed much , Will continue to use cash 1.5T A three cylinder turbocharged engine , The maximum power is 177 horsepower , Peak torque is 255 cattle · rice . Transmission in 1.5T Engine matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . Previously, the old models had 7.9s 100 km acceleration , I believe xinbingyue will continue its strong dynamic performance .

Full text summary :8 In January, xinbingyue will be officially launched on the market , After a brief experience, it is not difficult to find , The comprehensive strength of the new car is further improved after several upgrades and optimizations . In particular, the addition of distinctive sporty kits highlights the trend of the whole vehicle , Such a vibrant car , Do you have a heart attack ?

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