Performance improvement support OTA upgrade analysis of SAIC GM's eighth generation ECOTEC new 1.5T engine

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performance improvement support ota upgrade

Actual picture of engine

In recent days, , SAIC General Motors officially released the eighth generation Ecotec new 1.5T Four cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine . This new engine will not only continue the eighth generation Ecotec Engine series “ High performance 、 High efficiency 、 High durability ” Product advantages , It will also achieve “ More performance 、 More intelligent 、 Quieter ” Our product objectives . On a technical level , How it is so comprehensive ? We take you to the Pan Asian technology center in Shanghai to find out .

More performance : The power is higher than that of the previous generation 26%, The peak torque is wider

new 1.5T Engine based on “ Single cylinder is the best ” Design concept of , Develop and integrate with modular architecture , Provide different output power according to the matching requirements of different models 、 Different versions of different fuel-saving performance . Its maximum rated power range 135kW~155kW, Better than the previous generation 26%, The highest power rise 100kW, Maximum torque output range 250Nm~270Nm, Better than the previous generation 8%, The peak torque continuous output speed range is wider , Bring continuous explosive acceleration experience and more leisurely high-speed cruising ability . Besides , According to a more rigorous WLTC Working condition test standard , The fuel economy of the new engine is better than that of the previous generation 6%, Fully meet the requirements of national six b The emission standard of .

Engine product drawing

In the hardware part , new 1.5T Engine use 35MPa High pressure direct injection system 、 Electric bleeder valve turbocharger 、 Full variable displacement oil pump and other technologies .

High pressure fuel direct injection system

DVVT The whole process variable intake and exhaust timing system adopts the brand-new technology first in the industry Dual Fast Phase regulator , Cooperate with the middle large angle structural design , Significantly improve torque response , And help further reduce fuel consumption .

Dual Fast Phase regulator

Advanced water cooling, pressurization and intercooling technology can accurately control the temperature of pressurized gas after cooling on demand , Boost response time improved 17%, Faster response , Improved power and driving pleasure ; The cylinder head incorporates an exhaust manifold , Combined with compact supercharger and catalyst design , Effectively reduce exhaust resistance , Improve maximum power and accelerated response , And reduce emissions .

Water cooled intercooler assembly

More intelligent : Powerful computing power , Precise electronic control , can OTA Upgrade evolution

The new engine is equipped with a new engine “ Most brain ”—— The latest generation controller chip (ECM) Design and development led by general motors , Innovative applications HSM Hardware encryption technology 、 Multi core systems operate independently 、 Hardware real-time security monitoring and a series of new technologies , Make the functional safety level of the whole control system reach the highest level in the industry ASIL-D level . At the same time, compared with the current mainstream products , Its ECM Computing power increased by nearly 14%, Improved internal memory performance 33% above , The core sensor also adopts multi-channel signal redundancy design , Further ensure the robustness of the system .

Engine control unit

Relying on the powerful performance of the latest generation controller chip , new 1.5T The combustion system of the engine 、 Intake air control system 、 The intelligence of cooling and lubrication system and other components has been greatly improved . among ,ATM The active thermal management system has reached the highest intelligent level in the industry , It can not only realize the accurate management of system heat , This improves fuel economy , At the same time, the engine heat can be used to improve the cabin comfort , It also has shutdown cooling function , Achieve full-time engine protection .

Full variable displacement oil pump

Intelligent ignition coil

Throttle body

The full variable displacement oil pump can achieve the best oil supply under all working conditions , cut down the consumption 2%-5%, And improve NVH performance ; The ignition energy of intelligent ignition coil is improved 40%, Effectively avoid abnormal high pressure 、 High current 、 Over magnetization and other problems , Bring more stable ignition and combustion ; Through harsh EMC The verified electronic throttle adopts high-performance DC motor 、 High precision valve plate, double position sensor and other advanced components , More accurate intake flow control , Even in vibration and shock 、 It can also work continuously and stably in harsh environments such as high and low temperature alternation .

Engine disassembly drawing

It is worth mentioning that , new 1.5T For the first time, the engine uses neural network 、 Advanced cutting-edge control technologies such as deep learning are applied to engine control strategy , Make the engine control system run more intelligently 、 More powerful 、 Safer to use . With the new generation of General Motors VIP Intelligent electronic architecture , new 1.5T The engine not only achieves higher bandwidth 、 More secure high-speed communication capability , The simultaneous interpreting of the engine control system and the transmission control system 、 Chassis control system 、 Efficient interconnection of body control system , Realize intelligent dynamic optimization of vehicle performance , And support the whole life cycle OTA Remote upgrade function , With unlimited potential for sustainable development .

Quieter : Four dimensions of improvement NVH performance

new 1.5T The engine is controlled from the source 、 Delivery path optimization 、 Air and structural sound isolation 、 Sound quality optimization and other four dimensions , Yes NVH Forward development of performance . First , By controlling the engine burst pressure, climb rate and idle combustion stability 、 Optimize the weight of piston reciprocating parts , The impact and vibration are reduced from the source , Achieve smooth and stable acceleration ; The cylinder body adopts the rare precision sand casting process in the industry , The mode of the cylinder block is better , Higher structural strength , With forged steel crankshaft assembly and crankshaft damping pulley , Greatly reduce knocking noise and suppress speed fluctuation under different loads .

Engine cylinder

Composite integrated engine hood 、 Unique fuel rail and acoustic cover design 、 Sinking type stepless variable oil pump , The isolation effect of engine air and structural sound is optimized ; Finally, align the timing chain 、 Cam assembly 、 Mute design and system optimization of turbocharger and other components , Comprehensively improve the sound quality when the engine is running , Bring a more quiet and comfortable driving experience .

Engine hood

The high quality : Severe limit test , Excellent intelligent manufacturing quality , inherit Ecotec The high quality

new 1.5T The engine was designed at the beginning , Accurate simulation models and design iterations are widely used , To optimize parts 、 Fatigue strength of subsystems and assemblies 、 Vibration and noise 、 Fluid flow field 、 thermodynamics 、 Sealing and other key performance . Besides , Relying on SAIC GM's world leading intelligent manufacturing system , new 1.5T The engine is manufactured in strict accordance with GM global manufacturing standards , Ultra low temperature fluororubber is used 、 Plasma gluing 、 Thermal management module infrared welding 、 Many new materials such as precision sand casting 、 New technology , Many of them are the first applications of GM in the world .

SAIC GM's advanced digital intelligent manufacturing platform , It also realizes the accurate traceability of the parameters in the whole manufacturing process , Ensure that each engine has excellent and reliable quality and consistent performance .

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On a technical level , This universal eighth generation 1.5T Engine performance has been improved , And support electronic control OTA Upgrade and NVH More quiet . Besides , Its fuel economy has been improved to some extent , It is also more in line with the stringent domestic emission standards , The comprehensive strength is obvious . But talking on paper is not persuasive , As for the actual performance of this engine , We should also pass the real vehicle test in the future to prove it for everyone .

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