BYD yuan plus EV range exposure provides two versions of 430km and 510km

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byd yuan ev range exposure

In recent days, , Ministry of industry and information technology announced 2021 In the first 7 batch 《 Catalogue of recommended models for promotion and application of new energy vehicles 》, BYD yuan is published in the catalogue PLUS EV The range of the two models . Information display BYD yuan PLUS EV Two endurance versions will be available , Respectively 430 Km and 510 km , The dynamic parameters of the two models are the same , And are equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade batteries .

Appearance part , BYD yuan PLUS EV The latest EV DragonFace Design language , The slender headlights on the front face and the penetrating silver decorative strip make it look younger , At the same time, the whole vehicle looks lower , With this horizontal line design, it looks wider .

The body side adopts simple line design , A strong waistline runs from the front fender to the rear of the car , It has a very smooth side visual effect . In terms of details, a charging jack is added to the front fender of the new car , Unfortunately, I didn't use the popular hidden door handle .

The previously declared models also use different colors C column , We expect a mass production version of C Columns will also be available in a variety of colors . The wheel hub also has decorative covers with rich shapes and colors to choose from . You can feel... Through bright colors , New cars may be more likely to impress young consumers .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4455/1875/1615mm, Wheelbase reached 2720. If divided by wheelbase , So the new car has reached the compact level SUV The level of . Compared with the old model (4375/1785/1680mm, The wheelbase is 2535mm) In the case of canceling the appearance spare tire design, the length of the car is also increased 80mm, It can be said that the two cars are not products of the same level .

The rear part of the car adopts simple design language , The round shape has a high sense . The tail lamp adopts a through design , It looks like BYD's upcoming dolphin model , In addition, a chrome plated decoration is also designed on the through tail lamp , It increases the delicacy of the tail .

Dynamic part , The new car will be equipped with a maximum power 150kW, Maximum torque 310N·m Permanent magnet synchronous motor , The power battery is made of lithium iron phosphate . In terms of endurance 430 Km and 510 Two versions of KM , among 430 The energy density of the battery system of the KM version is 140Wh/kg, Under working conditions, the power consumption per 100 km is 12.2kWh.510 The energy density of the battery system of the KM version is 150Wh/kg, Under working conditions, the power consumption per 100 km is 12.5kWh.

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