Built according to Qin plus, BYD will launch F5 model

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built qin byd launch f5

In recent days, , The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the No 347 batch 《 Road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements 》, BYD has declared a new plug-in hybrid car F5, data display , The new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system , It can be seen from the engine and motor parameters , Its driving force is the same as that of Qin PLUS DM-i Same model .

aesthetic , The new car has a new front face design style , A number of through horizontal bars make the whole front face very wide . The headlamp adopts a flat design , Integrate with China open . from BYD The logo can see , The new car does not belong to BYD Dynasty Series , The appearance of this model may be that BYD wants to refine the product layout for different consumer groups .

BYD Qin can be clearly seen from the rear of the car PLUS Shadow , Including sliding back modeling and group PLUS cut from the same cloth , The through taillights have been redesigned , In terms of appearance , This new tail lamp is even better than Qin PLUS And more durable .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4780 /1837/1495mm, The wheelbase is 2718mm, Its wheelbase is the same as that of Qin PLUS Exactly the same . In addition, the front track of this new car is 1580, The rear wheel distance is 1590, The overall data are consistent with Qin PLUS Exactly the same , Judging from the appearance and some parameters of the vehicle chassis ,F5 According to Qin PLUS A product created from .

Power on , The new car will carry BYD's DM-i Plug in hybrid system , The currently released high-power version , And Qin PLUS DM-i Pure charge 120km The same version of . The maximum power of the engine is 81kW, Maximum torque 135N·m. Maximum power of motor 145kW, Maximum torque 325N·m, Maximum system power 173kW, We expect that the battery life of this model in pure electric mode should also be 120km.

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