According to aion V, GAC Mitsubishi's first pure electric SUV is listed in the catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology

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aion gac mitsubishi pure electric

In recent days, , The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the No 347 batch 《 Road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements 》, GAC Mitsubishi's first pure electric vehicle was exposed . The new car will be a pure electric car to be launched by GAC Mitsubishi SUV, From the shape of the vehicle, we can see , The new car is based on GAC ea Aion V A product created from , As it has been declared in the catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology , And it's based on Aion V To build and , So new cars may be on the market soon .

Although the new car is based on Aion V A product created from , But in the front face, it still keeps Mitsubishi's latest SUV Design language . China open is a closed design , But it uses a lot of silver decoration , Make the front face of the car look very aggressive .

The headlight adopts a split design , The daytime running lights are arranged in parallel with the main light source , The shape of matrix arrangement is very scientific and technological .

The side of the vehicle continues Aion V The shape design of , The waist line extending from the front wheel eyebrow runs all the way to C Above column , Its C The design of the column still has its own style , But like a hidden door handle 、 There are also elements such as tail lights extending to the rear door handle, which are still related to Aion V Maintain a high degree of consistency . In terms of vehicle size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4630/1920/1728mm, The wheelbase is 2830mm.

The rear part of the new car adopts a new design style , Actually compared AION V It's more three-dimensional , And with the AION V Different , The new car uses a lot of straight line design at the rear of the car , Make the car look stronger .

interiors , Although the new car looks like Aion V There's no connection . However, in view of the fact that the current models of gac-e'an are using a new interior design style , Therefore, we judge that Mitsubishi's new pure electric SUV It will be the same as the following paragraph Aion V Same interior .

From the interior design, we can see , The center control of the new car uses a large suspended screen , And leather is used on the center console . The double-layer design is adopted in the center of the main and co pilot , The upper layer is a rotary shift 、 Cup holder and unlimited charging , Below is a large storage compartment .

motivation , At present, there is no official news , But our judgment should be consistent with Aion V identical , Is similar to the Aion S The situation in GAC Honda is the same as that in GAC Toyota .

We can Aion V As a reference .Aion V It carries the maximum power 135kW, Maximum torque 350N·m Permanent magnet synchronous motor , There are 400km、500km、530km and 600 Four versions of KM can be selected .

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