Volkswagen revealed that the latest plan for electric products, id.2 model, is expected to appear in 2023

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volkswagen revealed latest plan electric

In recent days, , According to foreign media reports . Volkswagen has the latest hint about future product planning , In the next few years, Volkswagen will continue to expand ID Series product lineup , At present, it is known to add two models , The new car positioning will be lower than the existing ID.3 and ID.4 models , Capture more consumers through cheaper models .

Foreign media speculation , This model will be ID.2. Two reports from within Volkswagen show that , This model will be a SUV product . Considering the current SUV The popularity of the model ,ID.2 As a pure electric SUV There is a very high possibility of vehicle models .

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This model will also be based on MEB The platform was built , There are rumors that this model will be equipped with a variety of battery sizes , The minimum battery capacity is 30 degree , The range is 200 Km above . There are rumors that , Volkswagen Group has begun to entrust Skoda to develop ID.2 Products and other compact electric cars of the brand .

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About ID.2 At present, the official has not revealed how the model will appear , At the end of last year, there was news that ID.2 Will be in 2023 Meet us in 2005 , expect 2025 Annual sales . When the , The same level products of Skoda brand from West Asia are expected to be available in Volkswagen ID.2 Previous appearance , May be in 2023 We were able to get a general idea of ID.2 Product performance and general product positioning .

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