The change is to upgrade the experience of Beijing EU5 plus

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change upgrade experience beijing eu5

stay 2019 year , The domestic compact pure electric car market is a must for major car enterprises , If car companies must have a pure electric product , That must be a compact car . In such a competitive market , There was once a model that was a regular on the sales list , Won the first position in sales for several consecutive months , And in 2019 The annual sales of new energy products with independent brands were created at an annual rate 10 The success of 10000 units , you 're right , It's from BAIC EU Series of products .

EU Although the series includes many models , But the most important thing is EU5 The models . This model is from 2018 It has been in the market for more than three years since the listing of Beijing auto show in , For more than three years , From the sales performance of this model , It's really a hot commodity . Now , This model has also been upgraded , Its latest name is EU5 PLUS, Let's start with dynamic 、 life 、 Look at the charging, appearance and interior upholstery “ Good catch ” How's the performance after the update .

Power is light

If this time EU5 Upgraded models of EU5 PLUS What changes are more concerned , I think that's because the vehicle uses the latest powertrain . The first is the drive motor part ,EU5 PLUS Replaced a maximum power 120kW, Maximum torque 240N·m Permanent magnet synchronous motor . Compared with the maximum power on the old model 160kW、 The maximum torque is 300N·m The data are weaker than that of the motor .

Actual power performance , Because the torque of the motor can burst instantaneously , I can't feel EU5 PLUS and EU5 How much power gap there is between . New in urban roads EU5 PLUS Showing a very light power output , Whether it's starting or accelerating 、 Accelerate halfway , The power output is smooth , Even if it's 100km/h The above performance in acceleration is good . When compact pure electric cars begin to replace low-power motors ,EU5 PLUS The power level of can still be said to be in the top performance . Of course , After replacing the motor, another index of the new car has been improved , Sell a pass and talk to you later .

EU5 PLUS Four driving modes are also provided , They are sports 、 comfortable 、 Economy and single pedal (One-Pedal). The vehicle's power performance is excellent in sports mode , You can get excellent acceleration performance by gently pressing the accelerator pedal . The power output of comfort and economy mode will weaken step by step .

In general, there is a big difference in dynamic performance between sports mode and economic mode , Can clearly feel the difference in power output , If you drive by yourself , I still prefer to use sports mode , If there are family members in the car, the comfort and economic model is more suitable , Because at this time, the vehicle acceleration is not so sensitive , It can make the members in the car more comfortable .

Beijing EU5 PLUS The single pedal mode is independent for the first time , After the mode is turned on , The feeling of acceleration is almost the same as the economic model , But the kinetic energy recovery is the strongest , Lift the accelerator pedal , Kinetic energy recovery can completely stop the vehicle . In fact, in the other three driving modes , Kinetic energy recovery is also not adjustable , The motion mode is the weakest , Comfort and economic models are gradually enhanced . Under several driving models , The intervention process of kinetic energy recovery is very smooth , If except for single pedal mode , In other modes, if the kinetic energy recovery can be adjusted .

Chassis parts , The new car continues EU5 Multi link rear independent suspension , Chassis adjustment focuses on comfort , Compared with the previous EU5 I can feel that the chassis is more comfortable , Of course, it may also be replaced with four Michelins PRIMACY 4 Tire related .

The market price of four tires is about 3200 yuan , In addition to tire upgrades , It was also found that the plastic sound insulation board at the wheel arch was also upgraded to fiber material . The actual effect is , When the vehicle is driving, the tire noise is lower than before EU5 Significantly weaker than , The traffic became quieter .

Solid endurance

After replacing the motor, another indicator of the new car is the actual endurance of the vehicle , During this test drive, we also conducted a simple test of the vehicle's endurance , Simulated daily commuting , I've been driving for two days 100 km , The driving mode is economical , During this period, the air conditioner is always on .

The performance of the vehicle before the test and the remaining range is 483 km , Actual driving 100 The meter shows power failure after km 92 km , The power down ratio is 1 Than 0.92. According to this power down ratio , When the vehicle is fully charged, the mileage will exceed the official NEDC Comprehensive condition endurance 501 km , Accessible 544 km .

During the endurance test, we kept turning on the air conditioner , It is observed that the power consumption per 100 km of the vehicle can be basically controlled at 12kWh following , If you don't use air conditioning in spring and Autumn , I believe the actual mileage will be more . Of course, don't worry in winter ,EU5 PLUS Equipped with temperature control system , At the same time, the high configuration models in the two endurance versions are also equipped with heat pump air conditioning , Compared with the previous products PTC Warm air heating in winter is more energy-saving , I believe the new car's winter endurance will also be improved to a certain extent .

We also tested the charging part , Using the State Grid 60kW Charging pile , from 45% Start charging , Charge to 80% when 29 minute , During this period, the maximum charging power exceeds 50kW. expect 30%-80% The charging time is 40 About minutes .

When the battery SOC exceed 80% in the future , The vehicle can still maintain high-power charging , until 90% Can still achieve 40kW Above charging power , Overall, the convenience of charging is good .

The new appearance features are retained The details are more attractive

Appearance part ,EU5 PLUS It's in cash EU5 Some technical details have been upgraded , These changes make the whole car look more exquisite , In addition, the classic elements of some old models have also been retained , While the vehicle has a family design style , Compared with cash, the appearance value is improved .

From the front of the car we can see ,EU5 PLUS With a new front face , Compared with the current model , The closed network with richer lines is also used BEIJING The latest brand “ Most of them are beautiful (Capital style)” Design concept of . The design concept is the use of elements refined and polished from the outline lines of the Forbidden City Buildings , Make the front look solemn .C The shaped daytime running lights are a very recognizable design element of the old models , It has also been retained in the new models , Make the front face of the whole car very iconic .

A camera is designed on Chinanet , As a body 360 Degree panoramic image using , A millimeter wave radar is designed under the license plate cover , The vehicle is realized by millimeter wave radar MOD Low speed dynamic object recognition 、AEB Automatic emergency braking 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、LDW Lane departure warning 、 In addition, the vehicle is equipped with BSD Blindspot Monitoring 、LDW Lane departure warning and other functions .

The headlight design remains unchanged compared with the current model , The interior is equipped with double lenses and decorated with chrome plated lines , Make the whole headlight look more exquisite . In terms of light sources , The new car adopts all-round LED Design , The high and low beams are split .

The new model also uses a new LOGO, Slender chrome trim runs through the front of the car , Make the front face look wider . The new shape is not only more visually coordinated , The sense of grade has also improved a lot .

The side of the car body changes little compared with the current model , A strong waistline runs from the headlights to the rear of the car , Make the side of the car look smoother . In detail, decorative strips in the same color as the body are used under the door sill ( The old models are all grey ), Make the whole car look more advanced . Body size , Its length, width and height are respectively 4760/1820/1520mm, The wheelbase is 2670mm, Positioned as a compact pure electric car .

The rear shape changes more than the front , A new through tail lamp design , Make the shape of the whole tail more three-dimensional , At the same time, the slender side marker lamp also adds an advanced sense to the tail . On both sides of the bumper, the double of the previous model is continued C Shape decoration , The front and back design echo, but also improve the recognition .

The tail lamp adopts all-round LED The light source , There are slender side lights inside , With the blackened design, he looks very textured , The effect after lighting is also very excellent .

Interior double screen More own style

The interior also uses a new design language , Change to something like BEIJING X7 The design style of the model . The large through screen keeps up with the times and improves the sense of advanced . In terms of materials , Soft material is used above the centre console , The white part also uses soft materials similar to cortex , The workmanship has also been greatly improved compared with that before .

Ice and snow winter Olympics Theme

Most beautiful themes

The new car adopts double 12.3 Inch dual screen design , The instrument cluster can display the vehicle speed 、 Navigation and entertainment information , In addition to setting the vehicle on the large central control screen , It can also provide online music 、 Navigation and other functions . According to the disclosure , The ice and snow winter Olympics theme design is also added inside , You can use OTA Upgrade and add personalized themes .

The traditional physical buttons for air conditioning adjustment are also reserved under the air outlet of the air conditioner , Adjust the air volume and temperature by knob and key , A display screen is also designed in the center of the knob .

The steering wheel is a three spoke design , The style is also similar to BEIJING X7 identical , The new design, piano paint baking keys on the steering wheel and the use of silver decoration make it look more advanced than the cash .

Many buttons are also designed on the left side of the steering wheel and steering column , The buttons in this area can adjust the brightness of the instrument panel 、 Headlamp height 、 In addition to the trunk opening and panoramic image function , We also saw it “VTOL” Key , From this button, you can judge , The new car is also equipped with external discharge function , You can add more usage scenarios for users .

The shift area is also newly designed , From the previous knob type to the back and forth fluctuation mode , It's also printed on the shift lever BEIJING Of LOGO, It looks more refined . Many buttons are also designed around the shift lever , There are electronic handbrakes 、 Automatic parking 、 Driving mode adjustment 、 Emergency call 、 The low speed prompt tone is on / Turn off the hill descent and stability system switches , Common functions can be operated quickly through the buttons here .

The new car adopts a newly designed integrated sports two-color seat , And equipped with front four-way electric adjustment 、 Front seat ventilation and heating and driver's seat 4 Configuration of electric adjustment and lumbar support .

summary :EU5 PLUS As EU5 The upgrade of , Its change can be said to be promotion . The appearance uses the family design language , The interior double screen is also more exquisite than before . In fact, the most surprising thing is , The new car still continues the solid endurance characteristics of Beijing brand pure electric vehicles , It is positioned as a compact pure electric car , This is especially important .

This model will be available this year 5 It was officially launched in January , The price is 12.99 ten thousand -14.99 Ten thousand yuan , And it also announced 1000 A deposit of yuan is worth 1 Ten thousand yuan and supreme 2 10000 yuan replacement subsidy and other policies , If your conditions are met, the superposition of these policies is equivalent to 13 About 10000 can buy EU5 PLUS Top of the line , This price, combined with the performance of the vehicle, can be said to be very cost-effective .

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