The cheapest Benz EQ! Spy photos of Beijing Benz EQA real car were exposed, with a range of 537km

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cheapest benz eq spy photos

During the Olympics , Mercedes -EQ The advertisement shows that there is a sense of existence in the process of CCTV broadcasting , Let a large number of Mercedes Benz EQ Consumers that the family doesn't know , I know that the Centennial Mercedes Benz brand has also begun to develop electric vehicles . however , Advertising costs nearly a million EQS It's really expensive . Want to experience a Mercedes Benz electric car at the lowest cost ? This opportunity is coming .

Recently, Beijing Benz brand new EQA The spy photos of the real car were exposed , The new car is based on Mercedes Benz A Levels of car (GLA) Platform to build , Will launch EQA 250 as well as EQA 300 Two models , Maximum comprehensive endurance 537km(CLTC standard ), The price is expected to be 28 Ten thousand yuan or so .

Beijing Benz EQA There is a very obvious on the appearance outline of GLA Family shadow , However, it uses... In the front face and rear part EQ Series new design . ring LED The lamp belt and enclosed grille can reflect strong electrification characteristics , The transverse of the tail LED The tail lamp has good recognition .

In terms of size ,EQA The length, width and height are respectively 4470/1834/1620mm, The wheelbase is 2729mm. comparison GLA Prefect 60mm, High 10mm, The wheelbase is exactly the same .

Interior upholstery EQA Basically used GLA Class design , Horizontal double screen , And luminous turbofan style air conditioning outlet modeling is very characteristic . Mercedes Benz, which is good at creating an atmosphere in the car, certainly doesn't forget its best kung fu ,EQA It is also equipped with multi-color atmosphere lights , Stereo pixel lighting effect on the front trim panel of the co pilot , I have a sense of science and technology .

configuration ,EQA It still uses the Mercedes Benz's iconic armblock style , The central control screen is equipped with the latest MBUX Intelligent vehicle engine system , Support touch screen and touchpad operation .

Besides ,EQA It also has a number of programs designed for EQ Exclusive functions of electric vehicle development , Such as EV Optimize the path planning function 、 Climate pre control function 、 And endurance mileage prompt and other functions . among ,EV The optimized path planning function can be optimized according to energy consumption 、 Real time information such as road conditions and usage of charging station , Provide users with optimal route planning . And the climate pre control function , It can pass through the locomotive end MBUX Or cell phone App Preheat the vehicle 、 Prefabricated cold setting . With augmented reality “ Live navigation through ” Can be controlled by voice , Overlay the real road environment and virtual navigation instructions .

motivation , Mercedes EQA 250 The model will be equipped with a front single motor , Maximum power 140kW, Maximum torque 375Nm, Official 100 km acceleration time 8.9 second , Speed for 160km/h.EQA 300 4MATIC Four wheel drive , The maximum power of the front motor is 150kW, Maximum torque 355Nm; The maximum power of the rear motor is 70kW, Maximum torque 148Nm.

Now look at , The total energy of the power battery pack of the high configuration model is 73.5kWh,CLTC Under the standard, the comprehensive endurance mileage can reach 537km. The overseas edition of EQA 250 The battery capacity of the model is 66.5kWh,NEDC Comprehensive range of 486km.

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