New energy vehicles can also test drive mg 6 xpower wildly

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new energy vehicles test drive

Mention new energy vehicles , People often think of environmental protection 、 innovation 、 Technology 、 In the future, these keywords , The corresponding user group portrait is either a lovely little fresh , Or technology control , Or high-end elites or new people pursuing fashion . But the Baron wants to tell you , In fact, new energy vehicles can also have a wild side .

mg MG6 XPOWER It is the official refitting brand of mingjue MG XPOWER The first model launched , In this year 7 It was officially listed at the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan auto show held in January , The price is 19.98 Ten thousand yuan , And it's only available in limited quantities every month 100 platform .

MG XPOWER It is an official refitting brand specially created by mingjue for young users who like refitting , It's targeted at TCR The competition requires high performance at the competition level TCR Racing series , And high-performance vehicles and official modified vehicles , It can also provide MG XPOWER Official certification Kit , And for virtual parallel social networking and E-sports MG X-WORLD. mg MG6 XPOWER It belongs to MG XPOWER Official modified vehicle series .

As a modified car , The appearance must be very eye-catching .MG6 XPOWER According to the noble MG6 To build and , Equipped with many aerodynamic kits , And added a lot XPOWER Custom elements , With ultra wide body design , From a distance, there is a modified car “ Inside taste ” 了 .

Waterfall type extreme combustion racing front grille , Match with matte black and bright black compatible design , As aggressive as the tusks of a beast .

The front lip of the front spoiler design is very dynamic , The shape of the wind knife on both sides of the bumper makes MG6 XPOWER Looks like a fighter .

LED Digital track headlights have been used MG6 Design style of , The flat shape and angular design elements once again enhance the sense of movement .

MG6 XPOWER The overall shape of the side follows MG6 Design style of , Its wide body design does not directly increase the wide leaf plate like BMW , But by adding a wide body kit , Although it seems that there is no direct widening of the leaf plate as a whole , But it gives the new car a more sporty look .

In addition to the wide body ,MG6 XPOWER The track width has also been widened , It can not only improve the handling of the vehicle , At the same time, it also makes the vehicle wider 、 Lower visual effects . But from the real car , The rear wheelbase is still conservative , If it can be flush with the wide body of the rear fender , That will make the whole car look more powerful .

Compared to the front ,MG6 XPOWER The modification design at the rear of the car is more eye-catching , Various retrofit kits and XPOWER All elements show the track gene of the car .

Tail lights are added “X” Elements , It is more recognizable than the ordinary model , This unique element design is also deeply loved by refitted car users , Because it is difficult to have such exclusive refitting parts in the ordinary post market , It is also the advantage of original modification .

The most eye-catching ultra large all carbon fiber extremely light tail wing at the rear of the car , It adopts the integrated molding design of autoclave dry carbon process , Perfect combination of functionality and lightweight . This tail is lighter than the same tail made by other processes 2kg about , At the same time, the strength is more than four times that of other materials and even steel , Maximum... At extreme speeds 84kg Pneumatic downforce of , Let the vehicle have the strongest ground flight experience .

A diffuser is added under the rear bumper , According to official figures , This design can increase the air velocity under the vehicle 7%. In addition, four tailpipes with two sides are designed , Improves the sense of movement .

MG6 XPOWER The exhaust is hidden inside the tailpipe , At present, there are only bilateral single exhaust , In the future, if we can launch a bilateral exhaust with four outlets , I believe it will make users who love modification more like .

The wheel hub has also undergone a new design , Joined the “X” The shape shows a special identity , The hub also adopts race grade forging process , It improves the strength and reduces the weight of the hub , Improve ventilation and cooling efficiency 12%.

The front brake system is used 6 after 4 Configuration of , The front brakes use race grade 6 Piston calipers , The brake caliper is designed for XPOWER Imported from the UK 920E Race calipers , It can increase the braking force for the vehicle , Official disclosure MG6 XPOWER The braking distance of 100 km is only 33 rice . Exclusive on the shell XPOWER Spray paint , Show their special identity .

Floating brake disc matched with caliper , It is made by carbonitriding process, which is only used for high-end sports vehicles at present , hardness 、 Durability and service life are greatly improved .

Of course , To make the modified car show excellent power performance , A tire with excellent performance is essential .MG6 XPOWER The use of racing Michelin Pilot Sport CUP2 High performance semi hot melt tire , Size is 245/40 ZR18. The tire adopts double tread technology , The inside and outside of the tread are made of non passing rubber . The outer side is made of polymer chain elastomer , Provide better grip while maintaining the right stiffness , Excellent dry grip in high angle corners , A harder elastomer is used on the inside , It can bring more accurate steering and driving performance .

But Michelin Pilot Sport CUP2 High performance semi hot melt tires may be slightly worse in durability , therefore MG6 XPOWER Michelin will be optional in the future Pilot Sport4 High performance sports tire .

In addition to the appearance and the above hardware upgrades , The chassis of the vehicle is also newly designed . First of all, the spring stabilizer and suspension elastic elements are all newly designed , Better rigidity and durability , And after a new adjustment and adaptation .

The front shock absorber adopts a larger shock absorber structure , Increased lateral stiffness , Excellent support improves vehicle responsiveness . The rear shock absorber is replaced with sports car grade single cylinder shock absorber , It has high inflation resilience 、 Low hysteresis , Meet higher handling requirements .

MG6 XPOWER The interior is still as good as MG6 be similar , But it adds a lot XPOWER Exclusive elements of , There are also new designs on some detail materials .

The steering wheel has a three spoke design , In addition to the conventional multi-function keys , The design also continues MG6 The red on the steering wheel “SUPER SPORT” Key , It's very sporty . meanwhile , On both sides of the steering wheel ALCANTARA Material coating , Can bring good sports grip .

MG6 XPOWER In the instrument panel 、 Door plank 、 The stitches on the seat and steering wheel are green , The strong contrast between green and gray highlights its track gene . The interior trim panel of the door is made of high-end suede , Improved touch .

The seats are of one-piece design , It is also made of suede material , When driving hard, you can have more friction between the body and the seat .

MG6 XPOWER In many parts of the whole car XPOWER The exclusive logo of , And there is not only a sign at the threshold , And a dedicated numbering area , Everyone in the future MG6 XPOWER Car owners will have their own limited edition number .

Power on ,MG6 XPOWER Pick up SAIC “ Blue core ”20T Trophy Four cylinders in line 1.5T Turbocharged engine and high power permanent magnet synchronous motor , Match the second generation 10 speed EDU Intelligent electric drive gearbox , The maximum horsepower can reach 305PS, Peak torque is 480N·m, It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 6 second .

Second generation 10 High speed intelligent electric drive gearbox , It has two axes 、 Multiple tooth ratios and wide efficiency range , Transmission efficiency exceeds 94%, Shift response speed is lower than 0.2 second . Innovative dual input shaft DHT configuration , Make its structure compact . The engine end is matched 6 Gear ratio , One side of the motor is 4 Gear ratio , Free multi tooth ratio combination can be realized .

The electric drive transmission is integrated with a maximum power transmission 100kw(136Ps)、 Maximum torque 230Nm Of Hair-pin“ Hairpin ” Oil cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor , This is also MG6 XPOWER The key to having such strong performance .

On board 11.1kWh Lithium iron phosphate battery pack , Not only can it provide 70km Pure electric range of , It also plays the role of balancing the front and rear counterweights of the vehicle .

As a modified racing car ,MG6 XPOWER When accelerating, the body attitude control is very excellent , Even the ejection start , The front wheels also slip slightly , The vehicle does not look up obviously .

It is different from some large displacement self-priming vehicles that pay more attention to rear acceleration , Due to the high-power motor ,MG6 XPOWER The power output is more obvious at the front acceleration , Per hour 80km/h The feeling of pushing back before was very obvious , To 100km/h The rear power take-off will slow down .

MG6 XPOWER share Eco、Comfort、Sport and Super Sport Four driving modes , The response of the accelerator pedal and the steering force of the steering wheel can be adjusted according to different driving modes , At the same time, there are pure electric driving and intelligent charging functions . However, for users who buy this car, it is estimated that they rarely use pure electricity and... Directly in their daily driving Eco Pattern , Then the meaning of this car is wasted .

And on Super Sport After the model ,MG6 XPOWER The steering wheel will become heavier , The accelerator pedal becomes very sensitive , If you go down gently, the vehicle will have greater power feedback . And in Sprot and Super Sport In mode ,MG6 XPOWER The sound will also cooperate with the roar of the engine , Create a racing atmosphere .

High performance tyres provide great grip , Give Way MG6 XPOWER It feels like flying close to the ground , Whether turning at high speed or full braking , There is hardly any slip , Give people great confidence in control . The redesigned front and rear suspension systems are also MG6 XPOWER Added a lot of points to the handling performance , The front shock absorber has a larger spring and sleeve , Better lateral support . The rear shock absorber is a sports car grade single cylinder shock absorber , It has high inflation resilience 、 Low hysteresis, etc .

Of course , In order to highlight the feeling of refitting the car ,MG6 XPOWER There are some sacrifices in comfort , But it also makes its target users more clear , Because the people who can drive this car must be to experience the debauchery of the car .

Edit comment on :MG6 XPOWER The arrival of has brought a different landscape to most of the smooth new energy vehicles , It enriches the product level of new energy vehicles , Let people see that new energy vehicles in addition to environmental protection 、 Intelligent 、 In addition to low cost, it can also be very cool 、 The wild side .

I've experienced MG6 XPOWER after , It brings driving experience and driving fun that other new energy vehicles can't give , Believe in MG6 XPOWER The emergence of will bring a new choice to refitted car lovers , And it may set off a wave of upsurge of original modification of new energy vehicles .

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