Powerful add-on program SUV: test drive xilis Huawei smart sF5

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powerful add-on add program suv

And ideals ONE The main family cars are different , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 Obviously for younger user groups , Whether it's a novel and fashionable appearance , Or surging power performance , Can win the favor of young people .

near Over the years , Incremental electric vehicles are gradually emerging in the new energy vehicle market , Many brands have launched extended range models . however , Generally speaking, when people refer to the incremental electric vehicle, they often think of the same driving experience as the pure electric vehicle , And don't worry about mileage , And it has low fuel consumption , But it often ignores its dynamic performance . But in fact, adding program electric vehicles can also be very “ Irritable ”.

As an additional program electric vehicle launched by xilis in-depth cooperation with Huawei , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 Officially listed during this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The price of two-wheel drive version and four-wheel drive version is 21.68 Million and $ 24.68 Ten thousand yuan .

This incremental electric vehicle not only has the smoothness of a pure electric vehicle 、 Quiet driving experience , There are more than... When the oil is full and the electricity is full 1000km The endurance performance of , At the same time in Thales SEP200 Motor and Huawei DriveONE With the blessing of the three in one electric drive system , Let Thales Huawei choose wisely SF5 The dynamic performance of is also very outstanding .

Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 The appearance adopts the design language of life natural aesthetics , The shape is not rigid , Very flexible .

The front face is designed with borderless diamond matrix , Full of art and fashion , At the same time, it can also provide heat dissipation function for the range extender .

Lightning shaped Σ LED Daytime running lights are the smart choice of Thales Huawei SF5 The most characteristic part , The unique shape curve shows the style of the car , Night recognition is definitely better than other cars .

The car body adopts the style design of sliding back car , With dolphin leaping double waist line and willow leaf shaped side window , It brings wild movement to the vehicle . The concealed door handle is not only more in line with the aesthetics of modern car body , It can also effectively reduce wind resistance when driving , Improve the vehicle's endurance performance .

The rear shape is round and full , It uses the popular through tail lamp , The overall line is soft 、 concise . The lower right corner “ Huawei's smart choice ” Highlight the special identity of the car .

The tires use the performance flagship product of Pirelli family ——P Zero, With great grip , You can let Thalis Huawei choose wisely SF5 The power of is more incisively and vividly .

Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 The interior of the is T Type layout , It is mainly composed of full LCD instrument panel 、 It is composed of a large central control screen and a through air conditioner outlet , Visually simple and there is no lack of sense of Technology .

The double spoke flat bottom steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Both sides are also equipped with punching treatment , Not only comfortable grip , It also improves breathability .

12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel displays rich content , High definition , Also has a classic 、 Technology and sports are three different styles of themes .

Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 It also comes with HUD Head up display function , It can show the speed 、 Navigation 、 Speed limit and other information , High definition . But it's time to HUD The design feeling is slightly simple , The future can be achieved through OTA Optimize it .

Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 There are no physical keys in the central control , All functions are controlled by 17 Inch large central control screen to complete . The screen resolution is 1200*1920, Clarity and reaction speed are good .

Functional aspects , Including various settings of the vehicle 、 Navigation 、 Panoramic images are included . If there is a Huawei mobile phone with an updated Hongmeng system , You can also connect HUAWEI HiCar, You can use the mobile phone's navigation on the car 、 music 、 Make a phone call 、 Voice interaction and other functions .

Although the interior space is not the smart choice of Thales Huawei SF5 Our main advantage , But it's definitely enough . The height of the experimenter in the picture 175cm, weight 70kg, After the driver's seat is adjusted to the right position, there is more space for two punches on the head .

Keep the front seats in the same position , The experimenter comes to the back , There's still room for a punch in the head , There is a punch in the leg from the front seat + Three finger distance , It can be said that the overall space surplus is still relatively abundant . And the floor in the back row is also relatively flat , Let the passengers have a comfortable foothold .

The volume of the rear compartment is 367-723L, Support 4/6 Scale down , If you go out for an outing, you can put down a lot of equipment .

Speaking of outings , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 And support V2L External discharge function , Go out and make coffee 、 Bake a string 、 It can be achieved by rinsing a hot pot . Although many pure electric vehicles have this function , But considering the endurance anxiety itself , When using external discharge, pure electric vehicles are certainly not as free as incremental electric vehicles .

Throughout the test drive , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 The performance in power and handling gave me a lot of surprises . Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 It adopts self-developed products of Thales SEP200 Motor and HUAWEI DriveONE Three in one electric drive system , The maximum power of the combination of front and rear dual motors can reach 405kW, Peak torque is 820N·m, This makes Thales Huawei smart choice SF5 It has very good power output .

Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 Have an economy 、 comfortable 、 Four driving modes of sports and ejection . however , Unlike most electric models , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 The economy of 、 There is no significant difference between comfort and sports mode in the initial stage , Unlike some models that use the economy mode, the power pedal becomes very heavy , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 There is little difference in the power pedal force in the three modes .

however , If you press the power pedal deeply , The gap between several models can be shown , Economy and comfort are similar to the starting performance of general electric vehicles , The reaction speed is relatively fast , In the sports mode, Thales Huawei is smart SF5 Then start “ Irritable ” get up , The strong impact brought by the feeling of pushing back is far more than that of ordinary electric vehicles Sport Pattern .

When the battery is full , Use ejection mode , The range extender will also start at the same time to provide power for the motor , In this mode, the performance of the vehicle is maximized , Official data show that 0-100km/h The acceleration is only 4.68 second , Comparable to a supercar .

But frankly , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 The acceleration performance of sports mode is already very good , The chance of using ejection mode in daily life should not be particularly high , But if you occasionally meet someone who wants to “ Collapse ” once , Ejection mode can definitely help you hold the field .

meanwhile , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 It adopts the combination of lightweight aluminum alloy chassis and front double wishbone rear trapezoidal multi link independent suspension , The integrity and texture are quite good , High comfort , For the size of the road, the vibration is filtered better .

Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 And comfortable 、 high 、 Strong third gear energy recovery , It can also be completely closed . however , The drag feeling of energy recovery is not as strong as that of other electric vehicles , Even in the strongest gear , It can't achieve the effect of sudden deceleration of single pedal , Just a slight deceleration , Therefore, turning on high gear energy recovery during normal driving will not bring discomfort .

One particular thing to mention is the intelligent selection of Thales Huawei SF5 Of NVH The performance was also amazing , As long as it is in the driving environment of normal road conditions , I can hardly hear any noise , Even when the range extender is involved, it will not make much noise , Keep the whole driving experience in a quiet environment .

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Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 As an incremental electric vehicle jointly built by Thales and Huawei , There are very clear user points , And ideals ONE The main family cars are different , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 It is obviously aimed at younger user groups .

Whether it's a novel and fashionable appearance , Or surging power performance , Can win the favor of young people . also , From price , Cyrus Huawei smart choice SF5 Better than ideal ONE And Lan Tu FREE Easier to get started , It greatly reduces the purchase threshold of young users .

Plus Huawei's brand 、 Blessings on technology and sales network , Believe that Thales Huawei is smart SF5 In this year, we can achieve more brilliant market performance .

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