New generation design / household trend is right. The official drawing of Beijing Hyundai kustui interior decoration is launched

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new generation design household trend

recently , Cheshijie technology has obtained a set of brand-new products from Beijing Hyundai official MPV Interior decoration official drawing of model kustur . The new car is expected to arrive at 9 Month official debut , The latest family design of Beijing Hyundai is used in the design , Coupled with the MPV The positioning of , Integrate the avant-garde fashion trend with the warmth of home .

The overall design of Beijing Hyundai kustu interior adopts the latest family layout , And use the color matching of black on the top and white on the bottom , With wood grain veneer , Increase the feeling of home . The new car adopts a new instrument panel design , The contour is integrated with the centre console , With the latest large central control screen , Ensure a sense of technology in the car .

besides , The design on the central passage of the new car is simple and practical , And a large storage space is designed under the channel , Increased space utilization in the front row . More Than This , The new car also designs some practical storage slots above the glove box in front of the co driver , Further enhance its storage advantages .

The new car uses 2+2+3 Seat layout , The second row is independent seats , And provide leg support , And support multi-directional adjustable . It is worth mentioning that , The official drawing of the new car is wrapped with light colored seats , More prominent MPV Home properties , Create a warm and fashionable interior atmosphere .

Review the appearance , aesthetic , Beijing hyundai Custo The design of the front face is similar to Tucson L, The sense of fashion is very outstanding . The front face still adopts the scale air inlet grille , And the headlights are integrated with the front grille , It looks very delicate . Besides , New cars will be provided 5 Two exterior colors are available .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4950/1850/1734mm, The wheelbase is 3055mm, It exceeds Honda Odyssey in size . The design of side sliding doors will be adopted on both sides of the new car , Create a good luxury atmosphere .

meanwhile , Xinbingyue brings APA Intelligent parking , This system requires the vehicle to be equipped with 12 A radar and 4 Camera , Only based on the galaxy OS The system can support . In addition to the level of support 、 vertical 、 The oblique parking space has three parking modes , It also reaches hexingyue L Similar levels , It can support automatic search for parking space 、RPA Remote parking , One click mobile phone to control parking, etc .

The rear of the car is equipped with through tail lights , The design of inward return hook is adopted on both sides , Match with “HYUNDAI” The words... , Very discerning .

motivation , The new car will provide two power forms for consumers to choose , among 1.5T The engine ( Code name G4FS) Maximum horsepower 170Ps,2.0T The engine (G4NN), Maximum horsepower 236Ps. Transmission in , What will match the engine will be 8AT transmission .

According to the available information , We speculate , Beijing Hyundai kustu will be in the third quarter of this year , Probably 9 It was officially unveiled at the beginning of this month , It is expected to be officially launched in the fourth quarter . As the first product launched by Beijing Hyundai MPV models , Cousteau is more targeted at the home market . Compare with competitors , What kustui pursues more is to impress users from their appearance , With a beautiful shape , The interior decoration with more sense of technology and warmth infects consumers . besides , The latest powertrain of Beijing Hyundai carried by kustuk is also another key point to impress consumers .

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