SAIC Audi pure electric SUV or its debut at the end of the year is Volkswagen id.6 x shell change?

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saic audi pure electric suv

In recent days, , We got SAIC Audi from the Ministry of industry and information technology Q5 e-tron Declaration information of , The new car is scheduled to meet you at the end of this year .

The front face of the new car adopts a new design language , Split headlights look more personalized , The side lines are very simple , And fuel version Q5L By contrast , A lot less energy .

The new car adopts through tail lamp design , The silver guard at the bottom is printed with e-tron The logo of . The new car will offer a very wide range of options , Including different rims 、 Outside rearview mirror 、 Front grille 、 Front and rear bumpers and other appearance configurations , You can also choose ETC、 Front camera and other practical components .

Q5 e-tron It can be seen as Audi Concept Shanghai The mass production version of the concept car , From the declaration information, we can see , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4876/1860/1675mm, The wheelbase is 2965mm, And SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X Very similar .

motivation , The new car will provide high / Low power single motor rear drive and double motor four-wheel drive , It's the same with ID.6 The family is consistent . among , Maximum power of low power motor 132kW, Maximum power of high power motor 150kW. The 4WD version is equipped with maximum power 80kW/150kW Dual motor . In terms of size and power ,Q5 e-tron and ID.6 X Surprisingly consistent , I don't need to say more about the connotation , You should be able to guess . Audi put the domestic fuel Q5 To FAW , Pure electric again Q5 e-tron To SAIC , It's rain and dew .

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