Higher than the official figure, the interior has a strong sense of science and technology, and the Beijing Hyundai kustui real car is unveiled

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higher official figure interior strong

recently , Beijing Hyundai kustui real car officially unveiled . The new car is Beijing Hyundai's first MPV models , Locate the home , Will be in 9 Official listing . In terms of shape , Beijing Hyundai kustu continues the latest family design language , With its MPV Attribute combination , Guarantee MPV At the same time, the home property also makes the vehicle itself different from its competitors at the same level in appearance value .

The front part of the car , Beijing Hyundai kustu adopts the latest air inlet grille style , With the fifth generation Tucson L similar , Similar to “ Leaf beetle ” China open , The black highlight decoration further strengthens the visual impact of the whole front .

The front air grille is cleverly connected with the headlamp group , A bright silver chrome plated decorative strip is designed on the upper edge of the lamp group , Through the front of the car , And distinguish the front face from the hood . The design of the lower lip of the new car also adopts the design idea of wide and flat , With bright silver chrome trim , It ensures a sense of hierarchy , It also shows the dynamic of the vehicle itself .

The body side , Cousteau's design is simple 、 Capable feeling , The waist line extending from the front of the vehicle to the tail lamp group is also slightly curved , Echo with the front and rear wheel arches . A new car D The line design of the column gives people a cross-border feeling , In fact, it is the special design of the vehicle itself , And extend the tail wing at the rear of the car , To highlight this MPV The model is not too stable . Body size , The length, width and height of Beijing modern Kusi road are 4950/1850/1734mm, The wheelbase is 3055mm.

The rear part , The new car adopts through tail lights , In the middle is “ modern ” English character mark LOGO. It is worth mentioning that , The lamp cavity shape of this through tail lamp is full of a sense of science and Technology , There are also obvious line changes on both sides , The sharpness of the tail lamp group shape is enhanced , Further increase the dynamic .

interiors , The overall layout of Beijing Hyundai kustui is still full of modernity “ flavor ” Simple fashion style . The layout of the new car is quite simple , It also integrates the latest trend design ideas , All liquid crystal instrument without traditional frame is adopted , With the latest modern four spoke steering wheel , It is equipped with a large central control screen connected with the central channel , Ensure the sense of technology in the front row .

It is worth mentioning that , The new car passes through the design of the curvature of the center console , Let the whole center console lean slightly towards the driver's side more naturally , Not radical , To ensure the MPV Household properties of the vehicle model , It's also easier to drive . besides , The new car adopts a key shift mechanism , It also saves space in the car , A storage space is designed under the central channel , Increased space utilization in the car .

Seat layout , The new car uses 2+2+3 Layout method . The second row seats of the new car are independent seats , And support multi angle adjustment , It also has leg support . in addition , Each seat in the new car has a diamond element , Further enhance the delicate feeling in the car , Highlight the grade .

motivation , Beijing Hyundai kustu will provide two sets of powertrain options .1.5T The engine ( model G4FS) Maximum horsepower 170Ps,2.0T The engine (G4NN) Maximum horsepower 236Ps. Transmission in , Matched with both engines are 8AT transmission .

expect , Beijing Hyundai Kusi road will be in 9 Month official listing , In the market, beauty will be the first , Technology 、 The texture is post war MPV market , Grab market share . More news about new car shooting , Vehicle vision technology will also continue to follow up and report , Coming soon !

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