The new Kia K5 is officially listed and sold for RMB 161800-205800

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new kia k5 officially listed

recently , Cheshijie technology learned , Dongfeng Yueda Kia new K5 Kaiku is officially listed . New car push 4 models , Price range: 16.18-20.58 Ten thousand yuan . The biggest change of the new car is that the front of the car adopts Kia's latest LOGO, The configuration is slightly adjusted . meanwhile , The technology version was renamed Huanxin after the new model was launched .

aesthetic ,2021 Kia K5 Keku basically follows 2020 The design of this model , But for the front of the car LOGO Has been adjusted , The latest version is adopted , Added brand new label . External configuration , The new car is equipped as standard LED headlight , Medium and high configuration models are equipped with lenses . besides , The new entry-level model adopts 17 Inch wheels , Other configurations are 18 Inch wheels .

interiors , The biggest change in the new car is also the adoption of the latest LOGO, Mainly reflected in the steering wheel shape . Technology configuration , The new car comes standard with a pair of 12.3 In screen , Ensure a sense of Technology , With Bluetooth Car Key 、 Inductive rear compartment 、 Driver's seat 8 Electric adjustment 、 Mobile phone wireless charging and other functions .

motivation , New cars continue to be available 1.5T、2.0T Two power versions are available , The maximum horsepower is respectively 170Ps、240Ps. The transmission part , And 1.5T The engine matches 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , And 2.0T The engine matches 8AT transmission .

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