The whole car is blackened, and Jetta VS7 black front version is on the market, selling 126800 cases

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recently , We learned that , jetta VS7 The Heifeng model was officially launched . The new car has two configurations , Priced at 12.68、13.68 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with ordinary Jetta VS7, In the design of the new car, the appearance of the whole car has been blackened , With a certain Bright Silver Chrome decoration , Make people feel more dynamic .

aesthetic , The overall design of the new car continues the ordinary model , But for the front face, the black middle net is added , And the car paint also has special treatment , It makes the black front version unique .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4624/1841/1644mm, The wheelbase is 2730mm, Consistent with the normal model . Side view , The new car is aimed at the roof rack 、 Outside rearview mirror 、 rim , All blackened , It ensures the uniformity of the appearance of the whole vehicle .

interiors , The design of the new car is consistent with that of the ordinary model , And pursue too much “ Blackening ”, It still adopts the layout design full of popular flavor . It is worth mentioning that , The console also tilts to the driver's side , Further create a driving atmosphere .

motivation , The vehicle carrying 1.4T The engine , Maximum horsepower 150Ps, Peak torque 250Nm, Transmission side match 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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