The official figure of Wuling star interior decoration was launched and the silver standard was the first SUV

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official figure wuling star interior

recently , Car vision technology obtained a group of official interior drawings of Wuling stars from SAIC GM Wuling . New car as 2020 Wuling launched the first model after the global silver standard in SUV models , In terms of positioning, it is similar to that previously launched by Wuling brand SUV The models are different , The sense of grade has been significantly improved . The appearance of the new car was 2021 Shanghai auto show in .

Design aspect , Wuling star interior pays more attention to the construction of a sense of science and Technology , Full LCD meter is provided 、 Large size suspended central control screen , And built-in intelligent networking system , Ensure the technology configuration in the car . besides , The overall layout of the new car also pursues fashion 、 concise , A flat bottom leather steering wheel , Equipped with multi-function keys , With the layered center console , Create a sense of grade .

The design of the central passage of the new car is compact but methodical , In front is a small storage box , On the right is the stopper , On the left are keys such as electronic handbrake , And leave space for the rear cup holder area .

The new car adopts a five seat design in space , The seat is wrapped in light leather , It can highlight the vehicle's fashion 、 Home style , meanwhile , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4594/1820/1740mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm.

Review the appearance . The new car as a whole adopts the latest family design , Compared with the previous Wuling brand SUV It's quite different . The front part of the car , The new car adopts large-size air inlet grille , And it is connected with the headlamp group as a whole . The middle part of the new car is Wuling silver standard , Bright silver chrome trim strips are also designed on both sides , Create a sense of hierarchy .

motivation , New car as silver standard SUV, Will be equipped with the same... As Wuling Kaijie 1.5T The engine , Maximum horsepower 147Ps, In terms of transmission, it may be expected to match double clutch gearbox and CVT transmission .

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