The configuration of Kiwi EV will be exposed and the reservation will be opened on August 11

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configuration kiwi ev exposed reservation

Beijing time. 8 month 10 Japan ,“ Futuristic modern car ”KiWi EV Announce the configuration information of two models , They are the basic version :“ The designer ” And Advanced Edition :“ The artist ”.“ The designer ” Embodies the KiWi EV Distinctive modern design ;“ The artist ” Carrying more humanized design 、 Personalized aesthetic expression . As a fashion pioneer , adopt “ The artist ” Select the version again “ Smart pack ”, Better experience cutting-edge intelligent driving technology .KiWi EV The two different vehicle configurations announced this time , It will provide Chinese consumers with more novel and modern travel options .

Equipped with 305KM High range DC fast charging , Users say goodbye easily “ Mileage anxiety ”

KiWi EV All standard 40kW High efficiency motor , Can provide 305KM High range , It is equipped with McPherson independent front suspension and double wishbone independent rear suspension , Bring a better driving experience . Besides ,“ The artist ” The model is equipped with DC fast charging and 220V Power on function , Greatly improve the charging efficiency of new cars , It can also meet the needs of emergency rescue 、 Electricity demand under special circumstances such as picnics and outings . meanwhile , This function can also be used in “ The designer ” Optional on models .

Modern style with personalized car color , Fashion piece deduces urban travel

KiWi EV The whole vehicle design takes modern fashion as the main tone , The overall shape adopts unique TWO-TONE Split up and down design , There is more 6 A modern car color for users to choose . New car collocation LED Daytime running light 、LED high-mount stop lamp 、 Functions such as delayed turn off of headlights , Guard users to travel safely at night . Besides ,KiWi EV The whole system is equipped with concealed door handles that are rare in the same level as standard , Further highlight the modern taste .

Innovative use of straw fiber materials , Experience the environment-friendly quality cockpit

KiWi EV In terms of interior material selection , Innovative use of healthy and environmentally friendly straw plant fiber materials , More standard configuration PM2.5 Air filter element , Provide a healthy and environmentally friendly driving environment . Cabin design ,KiWi EV Independent four seat layout is adopted , And have the driver's seat 6 It can be adjusted freely 、 The front passenger seat is designed with convenient functions such as one key in and out , Enjoy convenient and comfortable travel experience . It is worth mentioning ,“ The artist ” The model is equipped with leather seats , And can be in “ The designer ” Optional on models .

Standard Baojun brand new 2.0 Car networking , It's not only a modern car, but also an intelligent terminal

KiWi EV The whole series is equipped with Baojun car networking as standard 2.0 System , Equipped with intelligent voice interaction 、 Online KuWo music, baidu map and other functions , In telephone communication , Entertainment and other use scenarios also support wake-up free voice control . Through mobile phone, xinbaojun APP, Remote unlocking can also be realized 、 Remote air conditioning control 、 Make an appointment for charging 、 Vehicle status query 、 Mobile phone Bluetooth key and other functions . Besides , The new car is equipped as standard OTA Remote upgrade technology , It can complete the remote iterative upgrade of vehicle engine system , Enjoy the latest smart technology experience .

With multiple intelligent technologies , Protect users' safe travel

KiWi EV All standard ESC Body stabilization system 、 Automatic parking 、 Low speed pedestrian warning 、 Intelligent safety technologies such as direct tire pressure monitoring , Ensure users' travel safety . in addition ,“ The artist ” The model is installed “ Smart pack ”, It also has a multi scene intelligent parking system 、ACC Full speed adaptive cruise 、AEB Emergency braking 、360° Multiple high-level intelligent driving functions such as panoramic image , Improve the convenience and driving safety of users .

With KiWi EV Release of the first batch of new cars offline information and adventure “ Five gifts ” Opening of new car reservation policy , Consumer satisfaction with this “ Futuristic modern car ” The heat of attention continues to rise . this KiWi EV Full release of two configuration information , Bring more confidence to the majority of booking users , At the same time, it also makes them look forward to the arrival of the new car market !

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