Suspected Harvard x dog patent figure exposure modeling retro or listed in 2022

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suspected harvard dog patent figure

In recent days, , We got a group of Harvard brand new products from relevant channels SUV Patented design drawings , From the details , The new car is suspected to be Haval released at the Shanghai auto show X DOG Mass production version of concept car , Positioned as a compact SUV, Or will be 2022 Annual listing .

Through the patent map of the new car, we can find , The basic outline of the vehicle is very similar to the previously released concept car , The overall shape is square , Very tough .

however , We can also see from the picture that , New car and Harvard dog lace , Just a little hardline , It is expected that its positioning is still a city with good off-road ability SUV. The front and rear of the new car are wide , The side is also surrounded by a large area of plastic , With the round lights , It exudes a very retro wild beauty .

meanwhile , Hidden door handle used in concept car 、 Five spoke square rim , You can see in the patent map . It is expected that the new car will be equipped with AT fetus , Because the details of the tire in the patent drawing have very obvious large patterns .

At present, the interior of the new car 、 There is no news about power , But according to the concept car , It is equipped with a display screen that can be integrated into the steering wheel and a large central control screen , There is no conventional shift mechanism , Air conditioning control is also a screen .

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