The introduction of Galaxy OS is the focus of design Huanxin. Geely xinbingyue went public on August 14

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introduction galaxy os focus design

recently , Cheshijie technology learned , Geely xinbingyue will 8 month 14 It was officially launched in the form of online live broadcast on the th . The new car adopts the latest design , A wide range of upgrades have been made on the basis of the old models 、 to update .

aesthetic , The new Binyue has made great adjustments on the basis of the old models , upgrade , Make it look more personalized , Positioning in the market tends to people who need personalized models .

From the official picture, we can see , Its whole appearance adopts a more bright and dazzling golden yellow , With black air intake grille , It looks sporty . It is worth mentioning that , The new Binyue is based on technology Geely 4.0 The latest design concept of the times “ Energy storm ” make . in addition , The new car also provides rhythm LED headlight , When the vehicle is unlocked, a “ Light show ”.

The body side , The size of the new car may not change much , But some adjustments have been made in the design . The new car adopts double waist line design , And more abundant in the line changes of the waist line , Further deepen the sports atmosphere . besides , The new car will also provide 18 Inch black aluminum alloy hub 、 Red brake calipers and two-color body , Show dynamic .

The rear part , The new car adopts the design of black tail wing, which makes the sports atmosphere of the whole car more rich , It also reduces the wind resistance to a certain extent . In terms of exhaust , The new car will also use a two-sided four out shape , Show the temperament of bingyue steel gun .

interiors , The new Binyue adopts Geely Technology 4.0 Family design of the times , With full LCD instrument 、 Suspended center control panel , And the same as the appearance , Bright color trim panels are added in the car , To form a color blocked interior , Further highlight the sports atmosphere in the car , Echo with the outside of the car 、 Unified . It is worth mentioning that , New high configuration models will also provide leather products /Alcantara Splice seat , Match with metal brushed trim panel , Enhance the sense of class in the car .

motivation , We speculate that the new Binyue will still be equipped with 1.4T、1.5T Two engines , The maximum power is respectively 104kW、130kW, The maximum torque is 235Nm、255Nm, However, it does not rule out that the power parameters of the new car have certain upgrading and adjustment . Transmission in , And 1.4T The engine matches 6 Quick manual 、6 Fast double clutch gearbox , And 1.5T The engine matches 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

besides , This time, xinbingyue will also use the equipment previously carried in “ Chinese star ” The more stars L The Milky way on the OS System . Based on this system , Xinbingyue support L2.5 Level of automatic driving AIDS , Support vehicle interconnection 、 Vehicle FOTA upgrade , And built many applications , More features will also be introduced , Further enhance the strength of xinbingyue .

expect , Xinbinyue will be in 8 month 14 Official listing . So far , The price of the newly upgraded xinbinyue may increase to a certain extent , To ensure that the cost . in addition , To promote galaxy OS The system is mounted on more and more models , Geely is interested in intelligent configuration “ Excluding cost ”. As for the specific situation , The listing price can be known as soon as it comes out , Let's wait and see .

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