Great Wall Motors sold 91555 new cars in July, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%

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great wall motors sold new

8 month 9 Japan , Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd ( Stock code :601633.SH,02333.HK; Hereinafter referred to as Great Wall Motors ) Release 2021 year 7 Monthly production and sales data . This year, 7 month , Great Wall Motors realizes new car sales 91,555 car , Year-on-year growth 16.9%,1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 709,766 car , Year-on-year growth 49.9%. overseas market 7 Monthly sales of new cars 12,438 car , Year-on-year growth 97.4%,1-7 Monthly cumulative overseas sales 74,110 car , Year-on-year growth 176.2%, The overall sales volume accounts for 10.4%.

Facing a new round of challenges , Great Wall Motors is user-centered , Continue to firmly believe in enterprise transformation , Deepen global market deployment , With stable growth in global sales , made 2021 The journey started well in the second half of the year .

The five brands continue to be renewed More new products are coming

7 month , Thanks to lemon 、 tanks 、 Coffee intelligence is a powerful blessing of the three major technology brands , Many models of the five brands continue to sell well , Successfully give full play to the effectiveness of the new sales engine , Boost the stability and improvement of the terminal market of Great Wall Motors . Under the category innovation strategy , More brand-new models equipped with three major technology brands are on the stage one after another , With the product strength more in line with the demands of the new generation , Meet the challenges brought by the trend of personalized automobile consumption .

among , Haver brand 7 Monthly sales of new cars 57,196 car , Year-on-year growth 20.4%,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 448,737 car , Year-on-year growth 44.9%.“ National Chariot ” The harvard H6 On the pin 25,746 car , Year-on-year growth 8.5%, Cumulative 98 Months to obtain domestic SUV Sales champion . Huff big dog monthly sales 7,299 car , Harvard red rabbit monthly sales 4,321 car , Harvard's first love is sold on the moon 4,086. In recent days, , Harvard's new flagship equipped with the Great Wall lemon platform SUV HAVAL XY Officially announced naming “ Harper beast ”, The new car will go on sale in the second half of the year , Lead the exploration of Intelligent Technology SUV The new frontier .

Harvard's new flagship SUV “ Harper beast ”

Great Wall pickup 7 Monthly sales 17,632 car ,1-7 Monthly global cumulative sales 135,698 car , Year-on-year growth 16.5%, Of which, overseas cumulative sales 28,591 car , Year-on-year growth 290%, The domestic market share is close to 50%. Great Wall gun monthly sales 10,006 car , Cumulative 14 The monthly sales volume exceeded 10000 , Ranking the first in pickup sales .7 month , Asia's largest Lua fishing event ——2021 The Great Wall paoluya international championship was successfully held , Build a whole scene of truck life . meanwhile , The Great Wall cannon launched its first tour of lifting the ban in Chengdu , Build a pickup truck life market , Further lead the development of Chinese pickup culture . Facing the severe flood situation in Henan , The Great Wall artillery and all car associations also actively rushed to the front , Deliver materials to the affected areas at the first time , Contribute to disaster fighting and rescue .

Great Wall cannon

WEY brand 7 Monthly sales 4,006 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 26,990 car . among , The first landing product of coffee intelligence ——“ A new generation of smart car people ”WEY mocha ,7 Monthly sales 3,018 car , rose 50.4%. meanwhile , The first intelligent hybrid DHT A new generation of hybrid SUV——WEY Macchiato recently launched a national media test drive meeting , The pace of listing is approaching , It indicates that China's hybrid SUV The market is about to reshuffle , The intelligent hybrid carried by Macchiato DHT The system pioneered two gears DHT Hybrid architecture , With the strength of breaking Japanese technical barriers , Create a precedent for high-end hybrid technology in China . Besides , The second is equipped with intelligent hybrid DHT A new model of the system WEY Latte , It will also appear in the second half of the year , New car flagship “ Extremely smart and comfortable ”, As a face to “ Advanced life ” Of SUV models , Will create a relaxed environment for consumers 、 Convenient urban travel experience .

WEY mocha

7 month , Euler brand sales 7,251 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 59,798 car , Year-on-year growth 378.4%, among , Euler is a good cat 1-7 Monthly delivery 14,456 car .7 month 30 Japan , Euler's first pure electric performance car, Euler's good cat GT Officially announce the pre-sale price ——14-15 Ten thousand yuan , Further enrich the Euler brand product matrix , It has opened a more dynamic for Euler's good cat product series 、 What's more “ Female power ” New growth space .

Euler is a good cat GT

Under the hot market demand , This year, 7 month , tanks 300 Keep selling , Achieve sales 5,470 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales reached 38,543 car .7 End of month , Tank brands have ushered in new members , among , tanks 300 The city edition was officially launched and the reservation was opened , tanks 600 The first mass production vehicle officially went offline , As the second model of tank brand 、 The first model after tank independence , And the first model of the tank's business luxury series , tanks 600 carrying 3.0T 9AT power , It will be the world's first show at Chengdu International Auto Show , Open the era of luxury business cross-country of tank brand .

tanks 300 City version

The global layout is deepening More global models go to sea together

This year, 7 month , Great Wall Motor's globalization strategy has been further implemented , overseas market 7 Monthly sales of new cars 12,438 car , Year-on-year growth 97.4%,1-7 Monthly cumulative overseas sales 74,110 car , Year-on-year growth 176.2%, The overall sales volume accounts for 10.4%.

Great Wall Motor's third generation Haval H6、 Harvard's first love 、 Harvard big dog 、 Great Wall cannon, etc 4 A global model , They landed in Egypt hand in hand 、 Nepal 、 Australia 、 Iraq and other overseas markets . For nearly a year , Great Wall Motor's new product matrix , It has been listed in more than ten overseas markets , Set off a wave in the global auto market “ Chinese style ”.

Especially in the Egyptian market , The third generation of haver H6、 Harvard's first love hit three firsts , That is, the first car brand positioning intelligent safety ; The first car brand with the theme of experience ; The first is to break through the limitations of Chinese brand positioning , Challenge the Korean system with superior product strength SUV The dominant car brand , Show the global competitiveness of Chinese auto enterprises .

Great Wall Motor Haval brand officially landed in the Egyptian market

In the Russian market , Great Wall Motors has also made qualitative changes in development , Not only continue to maintain the leading position of Chinese brand market in the local market , Its Haval brand is more continuous 4 Won the sales list last month Top 10. In recent days, , Russian Automobile Market Research Institute (Russian Automotive Market Research) Rank the best-selling Chinese brand cars in the market , The harvard F7 And haver H9 Included in the TOP5 The list , Ranked first in the hedging rate respectively 、 Third , Great Wall Motor's excellent quality and leading intelligent level have been recognized by industry authorities .

Great Wall Motors is well recognized for its development in Russia

In terms of global production layout , Great Wall Motor Jingmen vehicle production base was officially put into operation , First phase annual capacity 10 Thousands of cars , Fully reach the postpartum level , Annual production capacity can be realized 15 Thousands of cars . Superior location 、 convenient transportation 、 The ecological environment is excellent 、 With the support of complete infrastructure and other advantages , The production of Great Wall Motor Jingmen complete vehicle production base , It is beneficial for Great Wall Motor to radiate the central region , More comprehensive coverage of the domestic market , With leading intelligent manufacturing capacity , Continue to strengthen the competitiveness of Great Wall Motor's global system .

Jingmen production base of Great Wall Motors was put into operation

Stick to brand rejuvenation and innovation The market competitiveness continues to increase

In terms of transformation and transformation related to the future development of the enterprise , This year, 7 month , Great Wall Motors continues to make new progress , Play with the new generation of users in many forms , Continue to promote the rejuvenation and transformation of enterprises .

stay 7 month 30 The opening day of 2021ChinaJoy On , Great Wall Motor's Harvard 、WEY、 Euler's three brands break the dimensional wall , With many popular models “ change ” Appearance , Release “ Chinese Harvard creator program ”、WEY brand “AI Autobots ” Virtual image, etc , And cross-border staged a number of dream linkage , With the Z Generation groups “ Gang up ” In the process of , Further deepen the younger brand image of the enterprise .

Great Wall Motor landed 2021ChinaJoy

To further establish and improve “ product Software service ” New business model , Great Wall Motor continues to deepen from B2B To C2B User operation mode , On 7 month 10 The opening of Beijing Euler experience space . As an important measure of Great Wall Motor's new retail strategic layout , Beijing Euler experience space not only carries Euler brand “ Love women most ” Advanced positioning , It also represents giving the initiative to users 、 New car retail that promotes brand concept to users , Entering a new stage of evolution .

Beijing Euler experience space

In the field of technological innovation ,“ Super power Top tasting ” Great Wall motor 3.0T 9AT/9HAT The final product review meeting of super power assembly was officially held , Through expert leadership, in-depth technical analysis and keen industry insight , Great Wall motor 3.0T 9AT/9HAT The technical advantages and significance of super powertrain have been further demonstrated , It not only ensures the implementation of Great Wall Motor's innovative category strategy , Also break the technical barriers of foreign investment , Promote the development of China's automobile industry to a new level .

Great Wall motor 3.0T+9HAT Super powertrain

Besides , Great Wall Motor product digitization center (GDC) Also officially obtained ASPICE CL2 (Automotive Spice Capability Level 2) Evaluation Certification , It has become the first project to take intelligent cockpit software as certification and successfully passed ASPICE CL2 Certified Chinese auto enterprises , It marks that Great Wall Motor's intelligent cockpit software product development process and quality management ability rank among the leading camp of national mainstream automobile enterprises , Reach the international advanced level .

Great Wall Motor product digitization Center won ASPICE CL2 International Certification

stay 2021 In the second half of the year , Great Wall Motor has made a good start with good market performance , Next , With the addition of more new products , More development of new international markets , And the promotion of new actions of transformation and change , Great Wall Motors will continue to forge ahead , Face “ Global technology travel company ” The transformation goal is to go all out .

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