Geely Holding Group and Renault Group signed a memorandum of understanding. What is the meaning of cooperation between the two sides

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2021 year 8 month 9 In the morning , Geely Holding Group announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Renault group , Innovative partnerships will be established . The cooperation between the two sides will aim at the hybrid market , Shared resources 、 technology , With China 、 South Korea cooperates in key markets .

Focus on :

1. Geely and Renault cooperate in the Chinese market to build Renault brand plug-in hybrid vehicles based on Geely's technical advantages

2. Geely and Renault build models suitable for the Korean market based on the technical advantages of Lingke platform in the Korean market

Renault group is in 2021 It was released early in the year “Renaulution plan ”. The plan gives clear instructions for the revival of Renault brand in the global market , At the same time, it also marks that Renault group will gradually move towards science and technology 、 Travel enterprise transformation , Its products will also gradually change to zero emission . in addition , Renault “Renaulution plan ” A very important point is to promote the Renault brand in 2025 A new electric vehicle market layout was completed years ago . stay 2025 Years later, , Renault group has transferred its business model to technology 、 energy 、 Transformation of travel field .

Geely Holding, as the largest private automobile enterprise in China , He has several car brands , At the same time, it also has great advantages in technology . The cooperation between Geely holdings and Renault group is not 20 At the end of the century “ Market for Technology ”, But obviously with “ Trade technology for market ” The label of , Contributed to this cooperation .

I have to mention that , In the Chinese car market , The market share of Renault brand is gradually decreasing . Except for Europe 、 The Russian market can still maintain stable sales growth 、 In addition to operating income , In North America 、 Latin America 、 Southeast Asia and Chinese mainland market , Renault's performance was not satisfactory , This is also an important factor driving Renault to find Geely .

In the Chinese car market , Geely Holding Group will mainly output plug-in hybrid technology , And Renault group will bring 120 Renault brand with a history of years , Both sides achieved it overnight . Among the partners of both sides this time , We can clearly feel , Geely Holding Group as a partner , More attention is paid to the output of Technology , The Renault side pays more attention to the revival of the brand in China's auto market . From the perspective of their cooperative relationship , Geely's advantage lies in the domestic market , Renault has more advantages than Geely in the global market , Especially in the Korean market .

In addition to the Chinese market, there is also the Korean market . at present , Renault group has a total of... In the Korean market 2 Sub brand , They are Samsung 、 dacia . The cooperation with Geely Holding Group may introduce models based on Lingke platform into these two brands , And it does not rule out launching a new brand in Korea . In other words , Geely Holding Group 、 The cooperation of Renault group may help Geely Holding Group to impact the Korean market .

What we know is , In the competition in the international market , Geely has already started the layout . According to Li Shufu's design in the global market, such as combined vertical and horizontal version , From the earliest England 、 Volvo , To the later lutes 、 Proton , As for taking a stake in Daimler, which has been noisy in recent years , Geely in addition to acquiring , More synergy . From the last few years , Geely began to make efforts in the global market , The scale of overseas exports is also growing , Overseas market sales are also getting higher and higher . According to Geely's official just released 2021 year 7 Monthly sales data , The overseas sector has become an important part of Geely's growth .2021 year 1-7 month , Geely's overseas exports reached 60476 car , Year-on-year growth 151%.

From the cooperation between Renault and Geely , Except in the Chinese auto market , Geely will provide Renault with vehicle technology , In the Korean market, the products of Lingke platform will also be introduced through Renault , And clearly put forward to import link CMA Architecture model . In this way , After hitting the European market and gradually gaining a firm foothold , It will also open up the Korean market again . And based on Geely 、 Jointly developed by Volvo CMA The platform has completely gained a firm foothold in China's auto market , It has begun to be gradually carried in Volvo 、 Led the g 、 Geely brand , Among them, Lingke is the representative of the young light luxury brand , Especially in China's auto market, it has reaped a breakthrough in a short time 55 Million fans .

At the end :

For Renault group , In recent years , Renault except in Europe 、 The Russian market has maintained a good performance , The rest of the markets are showing signs of weakness , It also led to a large loss for Renault group , This is the problem they need to solve in recent years , So... Was introduced “Renaulution plan ”. In the Chinese car market , Renault group also made it clear that it will be in commercial vehicles 、 Reshaping Renault brand in electric vehicle field , This means that Renault will have a brand-new brand image in China's auto market in the future , Product layout starts again . In the Korean market , The overall sales level of Renault Samsung is also significantly different from that of local enterprises representing Hyundai Kia , But it's still early, deep enough , Hope to use link brand 、CMA It is a brand-new attempt for itself to build a new energy field in the Korean market .

For Geely , Renault, which has a history of more than 100 years, is already a proud capital . in addition , From the focus of this bilateral cooperation , Geely is more about making good use of the situation , Output technology . In addition to cooperation in China's auto market , Geely pays more attention to entering the Korean market by taking advantage of Renault , To achieve its synergy in the global market , Step by step, realize what Li Shufu once said “ Beauty and common , the world will be blessed with harmony and unity ”.

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