Car list in July: Bora Sagitar was out and Elantra Teana was included in the list

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car list july bora sagitar

The data of the ride show ,7 In January, the retail sales of passenger car market reached 150.0 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 6.2%, Chain ratio 6 Month down 4.9%, The result of the double decline was unexpected . It is worth mentioning that , Although 2020 Annual decline , But more 2019 year 7 The month is growing 1%, The reason is that automobile consumption was released intensively in the second half of last year , Resulting in high pressure on the year-on-year base .1-7 Monthly cumulative sales volume 1144.5 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 22.9%, The overall situation of the automobile market in the first half of the year was better than that of last year .

among , Car series 7 Total monthly sales 72.1 Thousands of cars , fell 6.6%, Decline in chain ratio 5.9%.1-7 The cumulative sales volume of car series reached 555.1 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 23.9%. The front of the car series 7 Overall performance in the last month , Better than MPV、SUV growth , Maintain a stable development trend . China Great Wall Motors, a domestic brand, is about to launch car products , changan UNI The series will also launch sedan models , Just see the market potential .

7 The car list changed a lot in January , Car sales ranking into the list 15 In the model , Japanese 5 paragraph ( Increased month on month 1 paragraph , It's Dongfeng Nissan Teana ), Independent brand 3 paragraph ( Regal returns ), ashkenazi 5 paragraph ( Reduce 2 models , New Bora and Suteng fell out of the list ), U.S. 1 paragraph , Korean line 1 paragraph . It is worth mentioning that , The Korean Elantra is back in sight this month , But the sales base is not high .

Iron camp running car , The champion of the car market used to compete fiercely , Xuanyi 、 lavida 、 corolla 、 Yinglang and other models have the strength to win . However , So far this year, few models can shake Xuanyi's position , The sales gap between Langyi and Xuanyi has reached 4 More than ten thousand , Not only lost the monthly championship , Also regret losing the qualification to compete for the championship .

7 month , Japanese Xuanyi is still the champion , Sales of 40124 car , fell 14.5%, It's the only one that has sold 4 Thousands of cars . however , Because Xuanyi accounts for a large proportion of brand sales , Leading to Dongfeng Nissan 7 Monthly sales are down year on year 20.3%, Decline in chain ratio 11.92%.1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 291045 car , Year-on-year growth 15.1%, Monthly sales are in 4 More than ten thousand .

Following 6 After the first three months of the month , Agatsuma MINI EV Enter the second place on the list again .7 Monthly sales reached 30706 car , Create the best sales performance this year ;1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 188645 car . With Hongguang MINI EV The model sells well , Many brands have laid out ,7 In June, another new car making force , Cheru has released its first A00 Electric cars of the class , It is aimed at the market demand of young people .

corolla 7 Monthly sales reached 30363 car , fell 3.6%,1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 207955 car , Year-on-year growth 16.8%. Corolla maintains Toyota's consistent steady style , Even the three cylinder model has not affected the model sales .

lavida 7 Monthly sales fell to the fourth , However, the cumulative sales volume still ranks second . Shanghai Volkswagen 7 The monthly terminal sales volume is 110001 car , fell 19.8%;1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 823701 car , Year-on-year growth 2.7%. however , SAIC announced wholesale sales of 70001 car , The cumulative wholesale volume is 602041 car . Compare terminal and wholesale data , The data difference reaches 181660 car , The terminal sales volume is much more than the wholesale volume 18 More than ten thousand ? This shows the large inventory of SAIC Volkswagen , also “ Out of thin air ” There are so many cars .

The sales volume of leiling this month is 21270 car , Year-on-year growth 14.8%; Cumulative sales reached 155168 car , Year-on-year growth 26.8%.

Yinglang's sales volume fluctuated greatly in recent two months , At the beginning of the year 3 More than ten thousand , It's really different . The sales volume of yinglang this month is 17940 car , fell 40.2%,6 month ,6 Monthly sales only 15466 car , fell 29.4%, It is the model with the largest decline in sales of listed models .

Luxury brands , There's Audi A6、 BMW 3 The department and the 5 Tied to the list , The sales volume is more than 10000 .7 Luxury car retail reached 20 ten thousand , Year-on-year decline in 18%, Chain ratio 6 Month down 21%, According to analysis, luxury cars continue to maintain structural stability , The demand for high-end exchange, which reflects the upgrading of consumption, is still strong , Competition has little effect .

The independent sedan has Regal and escape into the list , But both fell sharply year-on-year , At present, Emperor Hao is in the period of alternation between the new and the old , Sales are not stable .

7 In January, two models were listed for the first time this year , It's Teana and Elantra , In particular, Elantra has broken the curse that there are no Korean models in the car list , Because the collision test safety of Sonata and other models has been questioned by consumers , Whether Elantra can continue to work , Stabilizing the market position still needs a question mark .

In and out ,7 In January, new Bora and Sagitar fell out of the list one after another , Bora's sales this month are 10423 car , The sales volume of Sagitar is only 5103 car , Created a new low in sales of Sagitar models . Since this year, 3 After a month , Sales of Sagitar models began to decline and fluctuate , Sales have fallen for three consecutive months .

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