Three luxury models will enter the market, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus

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luxury models enter market mercedes

Mercedes EQS Pre sale of electric vehicles 80.8 All the , Maximum endurance 770 km

Confirmed , Mercedes EQS Electric cars are officially sold in hairdressing , There are two new models for the new car , The selling price is 106374.1 euro ( renminbi 80.8 Ten thousand yuan ), The starting price of dual motor version is 135529.10 euro ( About us 1030251.56 element ).EQS 450+ as well as EQS 580 4MATIC Two models , Will provide 90 KWh and 107.8 Kilowatt hour batteries of two capacities are available , The maximum endurance is 770 km .

among ,EQS 450+ Rear wheel drive , The maximum output power of the motor is 245 kw , Peak torque up to 568 cattle · rice , The acceleration time of 100 km is zero 6.2 second , Speed up to 210km/h.

EQS 580 4MATIC Four wheel drive , The maximum output power of the motor is 385 kw , Peak torque up to 855 cattle · rice , The acceleration time of 100 km is zero 4.3 second , Speed up to 210km/h.

Mercedes EQS A wide range of options are also available , Natural prices will also rise . in addition to , Mercedes EQS You can also pay to unlock OTA Ways to provide more functionality . Mercedes - Mercedes Benz even plans to provide these features " Temporary activation and free trial period " To attract customers .

Mid term BMW X3 list , Cancel it 2.0T Medium power version

In recent days, , BMW Brilliance in the medium term X3 Officially listed , 3 The price range of this model is 39.28-47.58 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with the cash model , After the medium-term change, the price rises 3 One thousand yuan . meanwhile , The power configuration has also been adjusted , Cancel it 2.0T Medium power version X3 28i models , Available only 25i and 30i models . The wheelbase has been lengthened 20mm, something is better than nothing . But with Mercedes Benz GLC Of 2973mm The wheelbase , audi Q5L Of 2907mm Wheelbase comparison , Modified BMW X3 There is still a gap .

aesthetic , The new X3 The design style of enlarging nostrils is adopted , The double kidney air inlet grille is changed to one-piece design .LED The headlamp group is more flat , The daytime running light is changed to double L style . meanwhile , The new car will provide a night suit and M Optional enclosure of the package . The interior is in brown and black , Equipped with 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter ,M Moving the steering wheel , The central control panel consists of 10.25 Inch upgrade to 12.3 Inch , The electronic stop lever is changed to 3 system “ Same paragraph ” Design .

BMW 2.0T The engine was cancelled 28i Power version , Keep only 25i and 30i models , All match ZF 8 Gearbox with gearbox gearbox . The dynamic data are 135 kw (184 horsepower )/290 cattle · rice 、185 kw (252 horsepower )/350 cattle · rice , The acceleration of 100 kilometers is respectively 8.9 The second and 6.8 second .

Lexus will push into the door level SUV, The selling price is expected to enter 20 Wan range

Lexus as Toyota's high-end brand , But its influence in the domestic market is far less than BBA Other luxury brands , Has been in the second tier luxury echelon . In recent days, , Overseas media exposed a group of new entry-level Lexus SUV——LBX Hypothetical picture of model appearance , With Toyota YARiS Cross Based on GA-B Built by the platform , It is expected that the end of the year or 2022 Officially released at the beginning of the year , Italy and Mercedes Benz GLA And other luxury brand products .

From the perspective of design drawings ,LBX Model positioning entry level SUV, The interior of the huge spindle grille is filled with black mesh , New matrix on both sides LED Lamp group , The interior incorporates a daytime running light belt . The estimated body size is 4.5m following , The width is 1.7m following .

Because with Toyota YARiS Cross Same as platform ,LBX Models are expected to use 1.5L Hybrid system composed of engine and motor , matching CVT Stepless gearbox . at present , Lexus entry level SUV UX The selling price is 25.9 Ten thousand yuan ,LBX The starting price of the model is expected to enter 20 Ten thousand yuan range .

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