Jinan Geely smart new energy project is progressing, and the design scheme of the general assembly workshop has been publicized

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jinan geely smart new energy

In recent days, , How many are called “ Zhejiang Haoqing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jinan Geely intelligent new energy vehicle project punching and welding general complex plant - Publicity of design scheme of general assembly workshop ” The picture circulated on the Internet , Bring Jinan Geely smart new energy plant project into the public's view again .

From the publicity map , The general assembly workshop is located in Suncun area of high tech Zone , North of Feiyue Avenue , East of Chunhui road , South of the East extension of Kejia road , West of xijuye River . Factory floor area 24.06 ha , The nature of the land is industrial land , The construction unit is Qizheng new energy vehicle ( jinan ) Co., LTD. . The final assembly workshop belongs to Jinan Geely smart new energy vehicle project under construction .


Review Geely smart new energy vehicle factory ( jinan ) project ,2020 year 10 month , Jinan municipal government and Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement , Open Jili zhihuichong / Power station operation and urban travel project 、 Geely smart new energy vehicle factory project construction .

as everyone knows , Geely Automobile has built a factory in Jinan , The two factories are also located in Suncun area , Why continue to build new factories ? Judging from the main body of this contract , Geely Technology Group signed a cooperation agreement with the local government ,2006 Geely's first factory in Jinan was invested by Geely Holding . Believe in , For the relationship between Geely Holding and Geely Technology Group , Still quite clear .

According to relevant reports , Geely smart new energy vehicle factory ( jinan ) Total project investment 40 One hundred million yuan , Covers an area of 640 mu , Gross floor area 26 Thousands of square meters , Planning and construction of new energy vehicle base , It mainly constructs production plants 、 Warehouse 、 Research and development center 、 Logistics Centre 、 Administrative office and living service facilities, etc , Purchase and install stamping equipment 、 Welding 、 Painting 、 General assembly related process equipment 800 More sets , plan 2021 year 3 Construction started in the middle of June ,2022 year 5 The final assembly workshop will be offline in June ,2023 year 8 Monthly completion ,2023 Officially put into production at the end of the year .

The project utilizes the core technology of Geely's existing new energy vehicles , Independent research, development and production of new energy vehicles for power conversion , The comprehensive technology of new energy vehicles has reached the leading level in China . When the project is completed, it will produce 10 Million pure electric new energy passenger vehicles , Realization 150 Billion yuan sales revenue , Realize profits and taxes exceeding 10 One hundred million yuan .

According to the deployment at that time , Jinan is invested by Jinan Industrial Development Group to participate in the new energy smart charging / Construction of replacement power station project . It is planned that the whole city of Jinan will be laid out , Two hundred replacement power stations operate cars , According to the plan, it will be in 6 Build... Within months 50 Tower in power station . By 5 End of month , Jinan Geely technology exchange power station construction project has built exchange power stations in total 20 seat .


2020 year 12 month 30 Japan , Geely technology group ( jinan ) The launch of new energy vehicle production line and new vehicle announcement ceremony were held in Jinan , The first tram model has entered the production catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology .2021 year , Geely smart new energy vehicle factory will break ground in the intelligent equipment city of Jinan high tech Zone .

“ Switch mode ” It is the core technology for the deepening development of new energy vehicle industry , The policy encourages the development of power exchange mode . The first model of Jinan smart new energy factory is maple leaf 80V, Equipped with Geely technology group 3 In, it successfully developed the power exchange technology independently , Realize the development of pure electric vehicles “ Vehicle electric separation ”, It can realize rapid power exchange on Geely technology intelligent power exchange station .

according to the understanding of , maple leaves 80V This replacement tram is not only produced in Jinan , Still in Zibo Yuanguo metalworking factory 、 Two factories of Lifan technology have been put into production .

Building a new factory is not a day's work , until 2023 Completed and put into operation in , It is obviously too far away for bilateral cooperation . In order to get into the state as soon as possible , Geely Technology Group first transformed the original production line of Jinan Geely factory to assemble and produce the model , And will 2021 Officially launched in .

This year, 3 month 18 Japan , Geely smart new energy vehicle factory ( jinan ) The project commencement ceremony was held .5 month 25 Japan , Jinan Industrial Development Group and Geely Technology Group officially signed a contract for Jinan Power Station replacement project . Both parties agreed that the Industrial Development Group will contribute to the Geely science and technology new energy Jinan Power Exchange Project .

Jinan Industrial Development Group now owns Industrial Development Fund 、 The three fund platforms of economic development fund and science, innovation and investment , And set up a series of sub funds , To build the “2+N” Mother and child industry fund cluster , The accumulated scale of foreign investment has exceeded 10 billion yuan .

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