Han sold 8322 vehicles, and BYD sold more than 50000 new energy vehicles

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Byd han EV Two car collision “ To catch fire ” The truth is unknown , However, new energy vehicles 7 Monthly sales have ushered in a big explosion , Monthly sales break 5 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year increase 262.7%, Cumulative sales breakthrough 20 Thousands of cars .

From BYD 2021 year 7 According to the monthly production and marketing express , Total output 59,641 car , Year-on-year growth 89.75%;1-7 Monthly cumulative output 313,506 car , Year-on-year growth 65.02%. among , Output of new energy vehicles 50,779 car , Year-on-year growth 234.69%; Cumulative output 207,972 car , Year-on-year growth 174.20%.

7 In sales 57,410 car , Year-on-year growth 82.94%, rose 11.14%, This month's sales volume hit the highest sales record since this year ;1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 304,099 car , Year-on-year growth 60.04%. among ,7 Sales volume of new energy vehicles in 50,492 car , Year-on-year growth 234.38%;1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 205071 car , Year-on-year growth 170.62%. The sales volume of new energy vehicles has exceeded 5 ten thousand , As a percentage of total sales 87.95%, Proportion further increased .

From BYD 7 In terms of monthly production and sales , The difference between production and sales is small ,7 The month is only 2000 More than a , It means that the dealer's inventory should be small . BYD released at the beginning of the year “DM-i Super Hybrid ” After the system , New models have been in short supply , The cycle time for ordering and delivering the car is long . According to BYD's official news ,dmi Model orders exceed 10 Ten thousand units , There are still a large number of orders undelivered , It is expected that with the release of production capacity ,dmi Model sales are expected to continue to rise .

In new energy vehicles , The sales of hybrid models and pure electric vehicles are basically the same ,7 The monthly sales volume is 25061 Vehicles and 24996 car , The cumulative sales this year are 118436 Vehicles and 81832 car .

Fuel car 7 The monthly output is 8862 car , fell 45.5%;1-7 The monthly cumulative output is 105534 car , fell 7.54%.7 Monthly sales volume is 6918 car , fell 57.51%;1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 99028 car , fell 13.31%. It is worth mentioning that , The proportion of fuel vehicle sales in the total sales volume is only 12%, Almost total sales “ Add on ” There are so many , The sense of presence is further reduced .

By model , Byd han 7 In sales 8522 car , The cumulative sales volume has exceeded 10 Thousands of cars , Since this year, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 6 Thousands of cars , continuity 4 The sales volume was stable at 8000 More than .7 month , Because biadihan EV With the polar fox alpha S Collision test of . Two car collision is seriously damaged , Standing 48 Hours later, , Byd han EV Sudden spontaneous combustion , Provoke controversy .

at present , Come and see bydihan EV Sales have not been affected by this storm . meanwhile , BYD announced that Han EV Push the standard endurance luxury model ,NEDC The driving range of pure electricity under comprehensive working conditions is up to 506 km , Price after comprehensive subsidy 20.98 Ten thousand yuan , expect 9 Delivery starts in January .

The sales volume of the Tang family is 4676 car , Among them, Tang EV Year-on-year growth 171.3%. The tang dynasty DM Year-on-year growth 198.2%. The cumulative sales volume exceeds 25 Thousands of cars . The sales volume of the Song family is 14425 car , Cumulative sales breakthrough 94 Thousands of cars . The sales volume of Qin family is 19032 car , Cumulative sales breakthrough 37 Thousands of cars . The sales volume of yuan is 4255 car , Cumulative sales exceeded 19 Thousands of cars ,e Series pins are 3465 car ,e2 Year on year growth in sales 91.6%.

according to the understanding of , BYD e platform 3.0 New models : The dolphins 、 element Plus It has entered the catalogue announcement of the Ministry of industry and information technology , It is expected that 3 Listed one after another in the quarter ,e platform 3.0 The market expectation of series models is quite high .

This year, 7 month , Hefei BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially established , The registered capital 10 One hundred million yuan , The business scope includes the sales of new energy vehicles 、 Research and development of auto parts, etc .8 month 5 Japan , According to media reports , BYD will supply to Tesla in the second quarter of next year “ Blade battery ”; According to another report , Currently equipped with “ Blade battery ” Tesla models have entered C Sample test stage . On this news, BYD 、 Tesla and the two sides have not confirmed .

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