Another new energy brand, Qilu new energy's first new car EC1, went offline

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2020 year 9 month , Qilu new energy ec1 Project start , Less than 11 Mass production and offline in six months , And establish 130 Multiple dealer channels , This speed can be called... In the automotive industry “ Miracle ”.

8 month 6 Japan , Qilu new energy's first new car ec1 It went offline in Shandong Qihe factory , Officially sounded the horn of entering China's new energy vehicle market .ec1 Located at “ Young people's happy scooter ”, Is a A00 Class a pure electric vehicle , The wheelbase 2150mm, life 200 km , With a price within reach , And this year 9 Official listing .

Believe in , Many people are still unfamiliar with the brand of Qilu new energy vehicle , I first knew this brand because of its “ The mushroom ” shape LOGO, It seems to have something to do with Weilai automobile , Since then, we have been paying attention to this new energy brand .

Qilu new energy is a brand-new new energy vehicle brand , It is wholly owned by the local government of Shandong Province , Founded on 2020 year 9 month , Total project investment 50 One hundred million yuan , Qilu new energy uses 11 It officially entered the mass production stage in six months , It has become a company with R & D capabilities 、 manufacture 、 sales 、 A new energy brand serving all in one . Behind this speed miracle , It shows that under the dual support of Shandong local government and Chery group , Qilu new energy with strong funds 、 The hard strength of car making forged by talent and technical ability .

As a start-up , Qilu new energy has built an excellent new energy vehicle talent team 、 International standard R & D system and strong technical strength of innovative R & D , It has also established a mature and perfect system guarantee in core fields such as production, manufacturing and global procurement . Qilu new energy's smart factory inherits Chery's many years of R & D experience and vehicle manufacturing technology , Realized AGV+SPS The wide application of Technology , The full automation rate exceeds 70%, Have “ Short process + Low energy consumption + Low emissions + Intelligent ” And other leading processes and technical features , In production 、 The quality control 、 Industry leading level in energy management , Build a strong quality guarantee for Qilu new energy products .

Qilu new energy ec1 It is the first product jointly developed by Chery group and cheru automobile ,“ Qilu new energy ec1 Qilu new energy that accurately meets the needs of young people for urban transportation ec1, With a charming and fashionable appearance 、 The connotation of high quality 、 Naturally interesting souls and accessible prices , Provide practical ideas for breaking through the difficult problems of marketization .” Zhang Yonghua, general manager of Qilu New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., said , good-looking 、 More interesting 、 High quality is ec1 Three features .

In recent years ,A00 Class a pure electric vehicle at a price close to the people 、 Economical car costs , And fashionable design style , It has increasingly attracted the attention of the younger generation of consumers . Like Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, In the first half of the year, sales exceeded 18 Thousands of cars , Daily sales 1000 car , Many car companies envy it . Qilu new energy ec1 Officially aimed at this market demand , A pure electric scooter for young people .

From the name of the first product , Qilu new energy ec1 With “ Qilu new energy ” name , It feels like a combination of Chery and Shandong “ Lu ” word , It's like “ Qilu ” The homonym of two words . In this way, we can not only obtain production qualification , And get the cards right , A new car ec1 Has officially appeared in the application catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology .

Qilu new energy ec1 It adopts simple and sporty lines and eye-catching color contrast design , The concise body lines outline the round and full vehicle shape . The front face is designed with closed borderless grille , And L The headlights and taillights echo each other ; Pair it with a vibrant color contrast look , The two-color body creates a suspended roof effect , It explains the fashion personality of contemporary young consumers . Compared with Wuling Hongguang MINIEV、 Changan Benben E-star So entry-level models , Qilu new energy ec1 It looks more dynamic and fashionable .

Qilu new energy ec1 The interior is matched with the dual interior color corresponding to the appearance color , Equipped with concealed air outlet 、 Ergonomic seat 、 Roller type physical keys, etc , It makes people fall in love at a glance . The body length, width and height are respectively 3226*1676*1556mm, The wheelbase is 2150mm, It can bring enough driving space , Smart and compact body can easily walk through the streets of the city , It also makes parking more convenient , Than Wuling Hongguang MINIEV The sample is wider and more suitable .

Although it's a city car ,ec1 I still want to bring more driving fun to young people . according to the understanding of , Qilu new energy ec1 Have 200 Kilometers of endurance , Less than per kilometer 5 The cost of electricity is more careful for every trip , It eliminates the worries of young people who want to travel . Pick up the 7 Inch LCD Meter and 9 The inch touch screen makes driving fun , You can also use your mobile phone APP Remote interconnection , Be aware of the car condition anytime, anywhere , Build a happy car experience for users .

meanwhile , Relatively many “ Old man music ” There are great hidden dangers in vehicle safety , Qilu new energy's leading smart factory and strict quality standards , It provides high-quality guarantee for products . Qilu new energy ec1 Aviation grade aluminum alloy body frame adopts C-NCAP Five star safety collision standard design , Equipped with high-quality batteries such as Ningde times and self-developed intelligent battery management system, it brings higher security to the products . Besides , Qilu new energy also launched high-quality services , With 8 year 12 Super long warranty for 10000 km core parts , Ensure that users have no worries about using the car .

at present , In the field of pure electric mini cars in China , In addition to product power , How to price is a great test of the skill of car enterprises . Wuling macro light MINIEV(2.88-4.36 Ten thousand yuan )、 Changan Benben E-star(2.98-7.48 Ten thousand yuan ) They are two models with lower entry price , The market performance is also good . Qilu new energy has not announced the official price yet , But from Chilu ec1 In terms of size and expected positioning , The price may be close to the people , Market competition with the first two .

Qilu new energy ec1 Offline is a new starting point , According to the plan 2021 - 2025 year , Qilu automobile has planned three vehicle platforms , Focus on R & D and manufacturing of new energy vehicles . In the next three years , Qilu automobile launches at least two new products every year , To meet the diversified vehicle needs of users .

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