First close contact, second generation cs55plus dynamic test drive

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close contact second generation cs55plus

Qingdao in August , Sometimes there are dark clouds , Sometimes blue sky and white clouds , It's confusing . Along Binhai Avenue , Driving Changan second generation CS55PLUS Then start a seaside trip . No explanation 、 No road book 、 Didn't punch in , Just look at the camera , Do a good action ,GPS Navigation shows the route you want to go , Music starts , The sea breeze blows , Gallop .

Facing the morning peak, such as weaving car river , Second generation CS55PLUS But can shuttle freely . Turn into the seaside path , Lush green trees , A sandy beach , Second generation CS55PLUS It's also relaxing . Just step on the accelerator , Motivation will respond positively , It makes you feel that this is not a 1.5T The engine , More like 2.0T The dynamic performance of . Switch to motion mode , The sound from the exhaust pipe , It resonates with the sound of waves .

When I got the gray test drive , I haven't had time to appreciate the new car , Just hurried from the hotel . Second generation CS55PLUS Whether it's driving or starting 、 Or accelerate to overtake , I feel the power is easy , There are three driving modes available , so to speak “ Blue whale power ” Have a well-deserved reputation . The front McPherson rear multi link suspension system 、IACC Integrated adaptive cruise control , Effectively filter the bumpy feeling of the road , Enjoy yourself L2 The fun of level automatic control .

Second generation CS55PLUS Behind easy performance , Can't live without a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T High efficiency power combination . With the help of double vortex tube electronically controlled turbocharging technology ,1500r/min You can achieve 300N•m Peak torque , There is almost no sense of turbine hysteresis . In addition, Schaeffler intelligent cam phase modulation system is adopted , The new generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine phase response speed is improved 175%, So that power can be on call . Cooperate with blue whale 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission , Even in the face of stop and go road conditions , Without the slightest hesitation .

The reason why blue whale power is recognized by consumers , Also lies in its stable reliability performance . The R & D team includes many well-known brands and supplier members , Integrated engine design 、 Transmission development 、 Locomotives, etc 8 Large core technical capability , It has strong independent R & D strength . Plus , Test development and reliability verification are carried out simultaneously in Chongqing and the UK , Based on Chang'an's perfect TVS Test verification system , Complete up to 300 The remainder is system level 、2000 The rest are verified by component level tests , It can achieve consistent performance output and durability of the engine .

While resting on the silver beach , Take a closer look at this new car . Second generation CS55PLUS New technological wisdom and aesthetics adopted , And UNI The series is close to , Front grille and UNI-T and UNI-K cut from the same cloth . according to the understanding of , Progressive light and shadow grille , Inspired by the interpretation of light and shadow in architectural design , Highlight the full sense of future technology , Form the second generation CS55PLUS Unique fashion front face . The tail adopts a star ring LED Tail lights ,LED+ Leather cross-border inner matching , Set off by the blackened texture , Release your athletic elegance .

Second generation CS55PLUS Size compared to cash , Have increased , The interior seating space will also be more spacious and comfortable . The interior modeling adopts the light volume and surface design of science and technology , The central control screen only enjoys the maximum 12.3 Inch Full HD screen , coordination 10.25 Inch LCD meter display , Double screen linkage realizes seamless interaction of multi-dimensional information to ensure driving safety .

Strong momentum 、 Sensitive handling , Second generation CS55PLUS The driving control performance is quite reassuring , The adoption of many scientific and technological configurations is a thinking for the future .

In order to meet the demand for future scientific and technological travel in the new light year , Second generation CS55PLUS Carrying IMS Intelligent cockpit interaction system , The driver passed face ID Face recognition function , You can easily brush your face and start the car . Slide left and right at the same time 、 finger heart 、 Different gestures such as like , The front and rear rows of passengers can easily switch songs 、 Set various functions such as navigation , Enjoy the fun of Technology .

The magic is more than that . In order to let the driver know the surrounding conditions of the vehicle better , Second generation CS55PLUS Also carry the 540° HD panoramic image . Through the panoramic front view on the body 、 Rear camera , Image the vehicle body and chassis , Transmit to the large central control screen in the vehicle , Omnidirectional three-dimensional display of road conditions .

It is worth mentioning that , Install vehicle interconnection via mobile phone APP, With the “ Thousands of miles of eyes ” The function of , Be able to observe the situation inside and outside the vehicle from a long distance at any time , Prevent all kinds of accidents of left children in the car .

It's much more than that , Second generation CS55PLUS Ultra high strength steel , Car body sharing 193 High strength steel parts , The tensile strength of steel is up to 1500Mpa, All kinds of high-strength steel account for about 60%, Make every effort to ensure life safety .

Pass the first dynamic test drive , Second generation CS55PLUS Power performance 、 Intelligent configuration has won high praise from test drivers . this , Second generation CS55PLUS Upgrade is more than that , It also has a good improvement in practicability . at present ,CS55PLUS Officially open presale , The whole system is automatically divided into three versions , The pre-sale price is 10.69 Ten thousand yuan —12.19 Ten thousand yuan .

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