Blue whale 1.5T engine? Changan uni series first sports sedan

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blue whale 1.5t engine changan

UNI Series is the trump card of Chang'an automobile to hit the high end , from UNI-T Amazing debut to UNI-K The advent of , It shows a completely different Changan car . With two SUV Gain a firm foothold in the market ,UNI The next new model in the series will be a sedan , Low lying and sliding back design , The main sport is sedan running , Target Civic 、 Led the g 03 Models such as , It is expected to appear during this year's Guangzhou auto show .

recently , From a group of spy photos of Chang'an's latest car exposed on the Internet , The new car body is still in high-end camouflage , The camouflage car clothes have “ Technology mass producers ” and “ Borderless ” Etc , This is also the style of the two models already on the market , Loved by young people . The whole vehicle is brought from the front to the rear in one go , Give people a smooth visual experience , From the appearance, it can be inferred that the body length of the new car will be about 4700mm about , There will be good interior space .

Although the new car is quite well disguised , But you can still see , The overall shape and shape design of the body will focus on sports style , Low lying posture 、 Slip back design 、 Long, narrow and sharp headlights 、C Columnar Fastback Design 、 Through taillights , It all continues UNI Design of motor elements of family genes .

motivation , Not much information , But from UNI-T and UNI-K In terms of two models , UNI The main engine of series models is blue whale 1.5T and 2.0T Two versions , It is expected that the power equipment of the first car will not go beyond this category . From the power configuration of the target vehicle , Led the g 03 Yes 1.5T and 2.0T Two versions , Civic has 1.0T and 1.5T Two versions , It is expected that the new car will mainly carry blue whale 1.5T The engine , Don't rule out carrying blue whales 2.0T The possibility of .

from SUV Enter the game and impact the high-end market , Then to the debut of the first car , changan UNI The wings of the series are getting fuller and fuller , Become and link 、WEY Independent high-end series that keep pace with each other . It is worth mentioning that , And changan UNI Same series , With “ New product line ” Chery jettu has become an independent brand , future UNI Will the series become a high-end brand independently ?

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