The shape is too bright, and the application drawing of the first sedan of Changan uni series is exposed! Netizen: a 'KTV'?

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shape bright application drawing sedan

In recent days, , We obtained Chang'an from relevant channels UNI-V Declaration information of . The car as UNI The first car in the series , Create a strong sci-fi atmosphere , Its sliding back body presents a low lying posture , And equipped with electric lifting tail , The power will carry the blue whale 1.5T The engine .

The front face of the new car adopts UNI Family unbounded design , The shape of the air inlet grille is avant-garde and dynamic , Match with large vents on both sides , The overall cooperation complements each other .

The body side , The new car adopts a sliding back car body shape , And continues the design of hidden door handle , It adds a lot of sportiness .

Through tail lamps are used at the rear of the car , Echo with the headlight group . Besides , The new car is also equipped with an electric tail , Create an advanced body style . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4680/1838/1430mm, The wheelbase is 2750 mm .

Dynamic part , changan UNI-V Will carry blue whales 1.5T The engine , Maximum power output 138kW. future , The car is expected to launch 2.0T The model of the engine , And hybrid models .

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