The new BMW X3 is officially launched! The appearance is in a big key, and there are two 12.3-inch screens. It's too fierce

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new bmw x3 officially launched

8 month 10 Japan , We learned from BMW officials , New BMW X3 Officially listed . New car launches 3 Model configuration , Price range: 39.28-47.58 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is a medium-term model , The details will be adjusted , The overall texture is younger , And the power is still equipped with 2.0T The engine , But it was cancelled X3 28i models .

appearance , New BMW X3 There is no small adjustment in the shape of , The double kidney shape not only provides chrome decoration , Also added a smoky style , The opening area is further increased ; The headlamp groups on both sides are also adjusted to the latest family design , The black lamp bottom is matched with a broken line LED Day light , The overall texture is full of ; The lower surround style is replaced with a sports kit , The original chrome plating is adjusted to the blackened style .

Besides , New BMW X3 For the first time M Yao night suit for users to choose , Make the whole vehicle more advanced and fashionable . Also available on the body color 6 Available in different colors , And black 、 Mocha 、 Volcanic red seat color .

And on the back of the car , The rear surround, like the front face, has been upgraded to a more radical design , At the same time, the tail lamp group has also been adjusted , Among them, the shape is more three-dimensional , And with a smoky style . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4737/1891/1689mm, The wheelbase 2864mm.

interiors , The new car is equipped with a new generation BMW iDrive7.0 Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Matching double 12.3 Inch screen , Bring a more intuitive interactive experience . The seat has a perforated design Sensatec 2.0 Wrapped in synthetic leather , Its touch is more delicate , With contrast stitches 、 Rhombic design and inductive atmosphere lamp , Create an exclusive atmosphere .

Intelligent configuration , The new car driving assistance system integrates forward collision warning 、 Emergency brake assist 、 Collision prevention system with lane deviation correction function and active cruise control system , And has traffic congestion assistance 、HUD Looked up and show 、 Keyless entry and other functions .

Power on , New BMW X3 Still carry 2.0T The engine , Depending on the training ,25i The model can output maximum power 135kW, Peak torque is 300N·m;30i The maximum output power of the model is 185kW, Peak torque is 350N·m, And what matches that is 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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