Red flag H9 + declaration map exposure! 3.0T + V6, wheelbase exceeding 3M 2, gas field too strong

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red flag h9 declaration map

recently , We got the red flag from relevant channels H9+ Declaration information of . New cars as red flags H9 An extended version of the model , Overall design and red flag H9 be similar , But its configuration will be more luxurious .

aesthetic , The overall shape of the new car is similar to H9 Pretty much the same , But the length of the car body after adding it has reached 5337mm, The wheelbase is 3260mm, And in B Exclusive... Is added to the column LOGO, So that the whole vehicle has a very strong gas field .

Dynamic part , The red flag H9+ Will continue to pick up H9 Upper 3.0T V6 The engine , The maximum output power is 283PS, Peak torque is 400N·m, Matched with it is a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox .

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