Roewe whale declaration map exposure new design / two engines are available

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roewe whale declaration map exposure

aesthetic , The new car is brand new “ Rhythmic arousal ” The first model of the design concept , The design language is quite different from the models on sale . The new car is equipped with a closed straight waterfall air inlet grille , Sharp line design , Pair with sides “ Energy cube ” Split headlamp unit , Make the new car look a little more sci-fi .

The body of Roewe whale adopts the shape of sliding back , The arc of the suspended roof is outlined by rose gold trim strips , Smooth lines . Besides , The new car is also equipped with unique double five wheel rims , And hidden door handles , Create a sense of Technology .

In the tail , The whole new car adopts a similar horizontal and vertical modeling style , Its tail lamp adopts “ Interstellar tunnel ” Design ,“X” The shape of the tail lamp and the transverse light bar increase the recognition .

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