Baojun Kiwi EV price announced to sell 69800-78800 yuan

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baojun kiwi ev price announced

【 Pacific Auto Network new car channel 】8 month 11 Japan , We learned from Baojun official ,KiWi EV Officially release the preemptive price of new cars . The new car has launched two configuration models , The price range is 6.98-7.88 Ten thousand yuan . among “ The designer ” The model provides DC fast charging + Leather seats are optional ;“ The artist ” Optional models 8000 element “ Smart driving bag ”.

KiWi EV The interior will provide two deep and shallow interior styles , The light color interior is matched with black and dark gray , Bring us a light visual feeling , The dark interior is matched with carbon black and rose gold , It seems that there is a strong atmosphere of light luxury . in addition , Flat design concept and suspended cabin , The texture created also caters to the preferences of young people .

More Than This ,KiWi EV I also tried the interior material , Including the dashboard 、 Driver's side baffle 、 Front door trim panel, etc 12 Rice straw plant fiber is used in this place ( Proportion 20% above ) This degradable material , Not only wear-resistant , And the smell is also very low . Top of centre console 、 The inner side of the door panel is also added with special 3D Gradient woven texture trim , The layers are clear, very fashionable and avant-garde .

It is worth mentioning that , New Baojun KiWi EV Four seat layout , And all series are equipped with leather seats as standard , It can be said to be full of conscience . Driver support 6 Adjust to manual , The co driver is equipped with “ One click in and out ” function , The rear seat back supports independent reclining , Provide more trunk loading space .

KiWi EV Provide home service in charging mode Slow charge and DC fast charge Two charging modes . DC fast charging mode , Electricity comes from 30% Charge to 80% Only 1 Hours . Slow charging ,KiWi EV Provide  7kW Household charging pile and 220V Three hole socket charging , Household charging post 4~5 Hours to fill . Besides ,KiWi EV It also supports mobile phones APP Reservation charging function , Users can set to automatically start charging when the electricity price is low in the early morning .

It is worth mentioning that ,KiWi EV Also equipped with vehicle 220V Power on function , It can provide emergency charging rescue for other vehicles , It can also meet the outdoor power demand .

KiWi EV The intelligent parking system is equipped with three automatic parking modes , Including one button parking in the car 、 One key parking 、APP Remote parking .

The new car is equipped with a rare ACC Full speed range adaptive cruise control , Can be found in 0-100km/h At speed , Keep the vehicle running at the set speed , And according to different driving habits , Set the safe following distance from the vehicle in front . Besides ,KiWi EV Also equipped with AEB Emergency braking function , In case of emergency , Carry out early warning and active braking .

KiWi EV All standard BAOJUN Car networking 2.0 edition , with OTA Remote upgrade technology . Besides , mobile phone APP It also has richer remote vehicle control functions , Bring users more convenient and intelligent travel experience .

With a new car Intelligent battery management system , Its advanced battery state cloud detection function , It can track the battery status in real time , And timely remind the owner to deal with abnormal conditions .

KiWi EV carrying 40kW High efficiency motor , The maximum output torque is 150N·m. Besides ,KiWi EV The power system of the whole vehicle also adopts the rear drive arrangement .( writing : Pacific automotive network Yayong )

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