The pre-sale range of Versailles C5 x to the store is 143700-186900 yuan

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pre-sale pre sale range versailles

appearance , The new car adopts the latest family design language , Design inspiration CXperience Concept car . Versailles C5 X The front face design is unique , The headlights are of split design , It is connected to the logo through chrome decoration , formation X modelling , Very discerning .

The side shape of the new car is very smooth , The roof adopts a slightly sunken sliding back design , More personal . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4805/1865/1505mm, The wheelbase is 2785mm. The volume of the rear compartment reaches 545L, By placing down the rear row, the maximum capacity can be expanded to 1640L.

Large area arc section design is adopted at the rear of the vehicle ,“X” Type all LED The shape of the tail lamp echoes the daytime driving on the front face , Coupled with the suspended double tail design , More dynamic at the same time , Further optimization of aerodynamics .

Versailles C5 X The interior adopts full LCD instrument panel and 12 Inch suspension center control screen , Simple and full of sense of Technology . New car adopted E-toggle Electronic shift , And support “ economic ”、“ standard ”、“ motion ” Three driving modes .

configuration , Versailles C5 X Will pick up 3D colour eHUD Looked up and show 、L2.5 C-pilot Automatic driving assistance system 、C-Connect 3.0 Intelligent networking system 、 All department OTA Online upgrade 、360 Panoramic parking image 、12 Inch color HD touch screen 、 Natural speech recognition system 、 Intelligent configuration such as intelligent wireless charging .

Besides , The new car still has CAC Leading comfortable seats 、545L-1640L Hatchback trunk 、360° Surround body glass 、 Floating luxury panoramic skylight 、 Comfortable configuration such as double zone automatic air conditioning .

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