The fourth generation GAC Toyota Highlander officially went offline from 268800 yuan

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fourth generation gac toyota highlander

The side of the car body changes little , Still powerful and majestic . black A The column design makes the overall side look more holistic . A waistline runs through the door handle , There is also a broken line decoration at the bottom of the door . The space of hannanda in all dynasties is satisfactory , I believe this core selling point will not be lost after the replacement .

The tail lamp does not adopt the through type with a particularly strong sense of design LED etc. , But conservatively use the slender tail lamp group design to echo the headlights . The road away from rough men still needs to be taken step by step . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4965/1930/1750mm, The wheelbase 2850mm.

On the interior , The new generation of Highlander has greatly improved the shape and layout of cash models , With a coarser chrome trim without losing the sense of design , Also from 8 Inch /12.3 Inch central control screen optional . The only regret is that , The upper part of the passenger glove box is no longer connected with the storage slot under the central control screen , Maybe Toyota doesn't want two storage slots rolling around , So I made a partition .

The top version has all LCD meters 、JBL 11 Speaker sound 、 Face recognition 、 Streaming mirror 、 Seat ventilation 、 Second row seat heating 、 Driver's seat memory and other configurations .

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