Qilu new energy EC1 interior spy photo exposure "strange" attack strength can not be underestimated

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qilu new energy ec1 ec

In recent days, , A picture of Qilu new energy was exposed on the Internet ec1 Interior drawing of , Although the car has not been officially launched yet , But after looking at its interior , It immediately makes people sigh that the micro new energy vehicle market will usher in another “ malicious ” role .

Qilu new energy ec1 Interior plan

From the exposed interior spy photos , Qilu new energy ec1 The probability will surpass the mainstream micro electric vehicles in the configuration level . Qilu new energy ec1 It matches the suspended central control screen 、 LCD instrument panel and one touch start configuration ; in addition , From Qilu new energy ec1 See the information exposed at the offline ceremony , It will be equipped with 7 Inch LCD Meter and 9 Inch center control large screen , And has remote interconnection function , Guess it will achieve common human-computer interaction 、 Remote control or reversing image and other functions .

Qilu new energy ec1 Public information of the offline ceremony

From the current public information , The car is aimed at the increasingly popular A00 The first-class Scooter Market , And Wuling Hongguang, which is popular all over the network Mini EV It is in this segment “ Carry the handle ” models . But even against the red fried chicken Hongguang Mini EV, Qilu new energy ec1 Our comprehensive strength can still play .

Qilu new energy ec1 And Hongguang Mini EV Interior comparison of macarone version

Take the interior just seen , In terms of design style , Agatsuma Mini EV Makaron and Qilu new energy ec1 The interior layout highlights the characteristics of simplicity and lightness , But compared with Hongguang Mini EV The makaron version is only equipped with 5 Inch LCD instrument , Qilu new energy ec1 Of 9 Inch central control screen and 7 Inch LCD meter has obviously gone up a big step , The one click start function is also better than Hongguang Mini EV It is more convenient .

In terms of body size , Qilu new energy ec1 The announced body length, width and height are 3226x1676x1556mm, The wheelbase has also reached 2150mm; Compared with Hongguang at the same level Mini EV Macarone 2920x1493x1621mm Body dimensions and 1940mm The wheelbase , Qilu new energy ec1 Obviously, it can provide more driving and storage space . For consumers who need a family trip , Qilu new energy ec1 Larger space is naturally more practical . From the side contrast , Agatsuma Mini EV Equipped with 12 Inch steel hub , It is speculated from the size that Qilu new energy ec1 At least 14 Inch aluminum wheel hub , This is worth praising Qilu new energy .

Qilu new energy ec1 And Hongguang Mini EV Side contrast

In terms of beauty , Agatsuma Mini EV Makaron continues the strategy of relying on appearance to get out of the circle , The square retro above the shape “ ' ” It can really hit consumers “ Maiden heart ”, New models “ Macaroon ” The theme color matching is also the expansion of this design concept . by comparison , Qilu new energy ec1 The modeling style of the new energy vehicle has a sense of the future , Under the simple and smooth lines , With a closed front face and embedded L Model headlamp , Coupled with the floating roof created by the trend color contrast , The value of salt and sweetness is also very appetites to young people . Judging the beauty of the two cars , It all depends on consumers' personal preferences .

Qilu new energy ec1 And Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Macarone version

Let's look at the endurance problem that users are most concerned about , Compared with Hongguang Mini EV Macarone version is the highest 170km In terms of range , Provide 200km Qilu new energy with mileage ec1 More suitable for consumers who need to commute often , Daily short distance transportation can basically be realized “ A week is a week ”. In terms of motivation , Agatsuma Mini EV The maximum power matched is 20kw Motor , And Qilu new energy ec1 Announcement data shows , The maximum power of the matched motor is 25kw. Of course , As a pure electric entry-level model , Consumers want to experience with these two cars “ Drag racing ” Your pleasure may be more difficult .

In terms of brand strength , Qilu new energy ec1 And Hongguang Mini EV It's pretty much the same . In the face of many years of brand reputation, we have won “ National Chariot ” Wuling of halo , Qilu new energy is a brand-new brand , But behind it is Chery new energy and the double endorsement of Shandong local government . More Than This , As a company integrating Chery's technical support and advantageous resources “ Rising star ”, Its brand's first new car, Qilu new energy ec1 Should be able to make an amazing debut through solid product strength , It is also a good starting point to promote the brand to enter a new development .

Of course , From the user's point of view , It's one thing to have the strength in place , But how much money can be won is the decisive factor in buying a car . In fact, refer to Hongguang at the same level Mini EV, According to the normal market, Qilu new energy can also be roughly speculated ec1 Pricing range .

Qilu new energy ec1 Contrast Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Macarone version

The main configuration , Qilu new energy is basically dominant , Refer to Hongguang Mini EV Macarone's version of 4.36 Ten thousand price , Qilu new energy ec1 The high configuration version should be priced at 4.38 All around . in addition , From the announcement information, you can see , Qilu new energy ec1 There is a 125 Low profile models with a range of kilometers , Because its core configuration cannot be found , But compared with Hongguang Mini EV Look at , Considering the range 、 Body size 、 Improvement of hub material and size , The model should be priced with Hongguang Mini EV Keep up with the free style , namely 3.28 All start .

If Qilu new energy ec1 It's 3.28 ten thousand -4.38 The pricing range of 10000 , Let users win a better equipped scooter with a little premium , I believe this car is also “ It's delicious ” 了 , Qilu new energy, which has rapidly entered the mass production stage ec1, Soon to be in 9 Official listing , This strong attack “ New player ” How about the final pricing , Whether we can become the next pop with our own strength , Let's see .

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