The declaration drawing of tank 300 cyberversion is exposed! The size is larger than the off-road version, selling 24 universal "out of the circle"?

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declaration drawing tank cyberversion exposed

In recent days, , The Ministry of industry and information technology officially exposed the tank 300 The declaration information of cyberpunk version of .

According to the information declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology : The body size of a new car is :4679*1967*1958mm, The wheelbase 2750mm. Compared with cash tanks 300 The size of the :4760*1930*1903mm, The wheelbase 2750mm Look at , Because the new car is equipped with a retrofit kit , The width and height of the car have increased respectively 37mm and 45mm.

The appearance of the new car is very different from that of the conventional off-road version . First, the new car is decorated with green fluorescent lines , The front face still retains a highly recognizable circle LED Headlight shape , In the middle “TANK” New logo , Honeycomb medium network design is adopted , A through light strip is used in the middle for decoration . The lower part adopts an extremely exaggerated bumper design , From the shape, it looks like “ Bulldozer ”.

The rear of the car body uses a small schoolbag in one direction to replace the round exposed spare tire suspension , This small schoolbag can be used for extra storage of miscellaneous items . The trunk of a new car must still be opened with the left door , The bumper under the rear of the new car echoes the design of the front face , It also uses an extremely exaggerated external expansion design , Both the front face and the tail are visually , They all feel tall and powerful .

The interior of the new car , tanks 300 The cyberversion will use tanks 300 The family style of design , The whole car adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel mixed with silver , The central control screen with integrated screen is adopted in the middle , Three independent air conditioning outlets are used below , The gear area adopts yacht style gear rod design , The whole car is equipped with multiple physical knobs and buttons , Such a highly stylish design with white interior , The grade and visual permeability of the whole vehicle have been improved to a certain extent .

motivation , The new car will still carry 2.0T+8AT Manual self - contained gearbox , Maximum power is 227 horsepower 、 Maximum torque 387N·m, The new car will still be equipped with four-wheel drive system . The whole powertrain of the car remains unchanged , At present, this power system is also widely praised , tanks 300 It is also wise for cyber to keep its design .

At present, this tank 300 The cyber edition is limited to 3000 platform , And the estimated selling price on the market is about 30 ten thousand , But brother Cha came to see , The new car doesn't use much change , Although the body size of the new car has increased , But most of them are the result of installing retrofit kits , There are no changes to the body structure , The power remains the same . If the price of a new car is 24 ten thousand , Do you think so “ Out of circle ” Do you ?

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