Regret that Xingrui bought it early! Geely Dihao l real car is exposed, with larger size and shape similar to Asian Dragon

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regret xingrui bought early geely

Geely Dihao is a popular model of Geely , As an entry-level sedan , With its excellent product power, Dihao has become the first choice for many ordinary families . Just a few days ago , Some domestic media released Geely's new Imperial L Actual vehicle declaration drawing .

Geely emgrand L It's literally an extended version of Imperial , But in fact, the new car has a good improvement in all aspects , Especially the appearance and body size , Let's take a look .

From the declared real vehicle map , Geely emgrand L It adopts a new design language , The front face adopts a larger black mesh air inlet grille, covering almost the whole front face , The China open is very similar to Toyota “ Asian dragons ”, On both sides LED The shape of the headlight has also become more narrow and sharp , The vents on both sides are also blackened , The front face of the whole car is more beautiful than the cash based Dihao , This new car is more youthful and sporty .

emgrand L The side of the car adopts a sharp and deep waist line , It also adds blackened lines , With a sliding back style , Make the body look more powerful and sporty . The tail adopts the same penetrating tail lamp as the new Imperial , A blackened chromium plating plate is also used as the transition , It's printed in the middle “GEELY” English LOGO, The lower enclosure is also decorated with through chrome trim , The whole has a sense of hierarchy and fashion .

emgrand L The official body size has not been announced yet , However, you can refer to the body size of cash imperial 4638*1820*1460mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, emgrand L Now that you have it “L”, The body size will naturally be larger than the new generation of Imperial , The wheelbase will also be longer , The space in the car will naturally perform better , Although its body size has increased , Positioning may be in A+ Class compact car .

emgrand L The interior and power parameters have not been released yet , The interior design can refer to the new generation of Geely Dihao , It is estimated that the interior will be equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a suspended central control screen , The whole will pay more attention to the sense of science and Technology . motivation , You can also refer to the power configuration of the new Imperial , Will pick up 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 84kW, The maximum torque is 147N·m, The match is 5 Manual or CVT Stepless gearbox , The power output is not too weak , As a family car is also enough .

From all sides , emgrand L It's an extended version of Imperial , More like an Imperial GL The next generation of , Its positioning will be slightly higher than that of Dihao , The price should be at 10 Ten thousand yuan or so , Between Dihao and Xingrui . And for this car , It seems to be more suitable for most home players , Because although the body size of Xingrui is large , But a little rich , The new car just filled the vacancy . The top model is estimated to be 10 More than ten thousand , Its competing models have Changan Yidong PLUS、 roewe i5 etc. . emgrand L The specific information can only be determined after the official announcement , I believe its cost performance and product power are very good .

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