"China special" modern kustui debut! 2.0T + 8at may be sold for 180000, which is expected to be listed in September

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china special modern kustui debut

MPV Buick in the model GL8 Our sales have always been far ahead , Yes, Buick GL8 Its strength is also worthy of its sales , In the recently , buick GL8 Will usher in its new opponent , Then Beijing modern kustu , Cousteau is the first product of Beijing Hyundai MPV models , It also has many bright spots , Strength cannot be underestimated , It is expected this year 9 I will officially meet you in June , Let's take a look .

Cousteau's exterior design adopts family design language , A large inverted trapezoidal air inlet grille is used , The interior is dot matrix chrome plated diamond cutting style , On both sides LED Headlights and spot daytime running lights are also integrated , It is decorated with through chrome plated decorative strips , The lower enclosure adopts a three-stage air inlet with a silver guard , It has a good impact on the visual effect , Also in line with the current trend .

Kustur is positioned as medium and large-scale MPV, Its body size is 4950*1850*1734mm, The wheelbase is 3055mm, The side of the car adopts a rising waist line and several sharp lines , Make the body look more powerful . The new car also adopts the design of side sliding door , A through tail lamp is adopted at the tail , The shape of the tail lamp is C Font type , Match with silver metal trim guard , It looks very simple and fashionable .

interiors , Cousteau adopts a new family style of simple and atmospheric design , From the interior drawing of the real car , The new car uses T Central layout of font , The steering wheel is equipped with four spoke multi-functional physical keys 、 Large size full LCD dashboard and 10.4 Inch vertical central control screen , With push-button electronic shift mechanism , Greatly enhance the sense of science and technology of the interior . Because it is an electronic shift mechanism , There is considerable storage space under the gear area , It can be used to place miscellaneous items .

In space , Cousteau will provide 6 Seat or 7 Seat models , The seat layout is 2+2+2 or 2+2+3, The second row is equipped with independent seats and electric leg supports , You can also adjust the angle , The ride experience is very comfortable . Its wheelbase is 3055mm, Compared to Buick GL8 To be short 33mm, But than Odyssey and trumpchi M8 It should be longer , Even the third row doesn't look very crowded , The volume of the trunk has reached 26L, Such a space for a 7 seat MPV It's excellent for , Enough luggage for a family to travel , Therefore, the space performance in cars of the same level is relatively advantageous .

motivation , From the declared information , Cousteau will carry 1.5T and 2.0T The engine , The maximum power is respectively 125kW and 173.6kW, All match 8 Self - contained gearbox ,2.0T The maximum torque of the engine is 353N·m, The power output is abundant , and 8 The stability of the manual transmission is also relatively high , The overall performance was good .

Conclusion : The product power of Beijing Hyundai kustu is very good , The appearance design is in line with contemporary aesthetics , Compared to Buick GL8 Business model , It will be more family oriented , The workmanship and texture of the interior are quite excellent , The space performance is also spacious enough , The power output is not weak , As for whether we can shake Buick GL8 The key also depends on the price .

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