Reversing radar is "optional", and Lingke 09 new model is controversial! Netizen: not sincere, but also sell 300000

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lately , The Ministry of industry and information technology has released a batch of application drawings of new models , Tea brother saw link 09 The figure of plug-in hybrid . At present, Lingke 09 Of 2.0T Pure fuel models are already in 6 Officially released in , At present, the parameter configuration and selling price have not been officially announced , And now link 09 The plug-in hybrid model was officially exposed in the Ministry of industry and information technology , That is to say, distance link 09 The official listing is not far away .

And a link of the declaration map of the Ministry of industry and information technology 09 PHEV The optional drawing has caused controversy , The declaration chart shows “ Rear reversing radar ” Become an optional device , And the privacy glass at the rear has also become an option , And about link 09 Although the price has not been announced yet , However, according to the parameter configuration of previous exposure , The estimated price of the new car will 29.98 All start , This one is close 30 According to the current market trend , These standard reversing images and other intelligent configurations shall become standard , Instead of reversing, the radar will become “ Optional packaging ”.

Led the g 09 PHEV Reversing radar is optional , Whether there is no sincerity ? From the current market reputation , Online comments are basically “ One side down ”, Everyone is interested in this new medium and large-scale Lingke SUV Have high expectations , And the plug-in hybrid power can meet the licensing needs of first tier cities , And now I'm doing this , Many netizens expressed their disappointment , And this Lingke 09 PHEV Is your performance really insincere ?

Led the g 09

Led the g 09 PHEV It's based on link 09 A new plug-in hybrid model , The appearance of the new car will adopt a new family design language , The appearance of the new car will retain the highly recognizable frog eye LED Headlight design , In the middle, a straight waterfall air inlet grille design is adopted , The lower part adopts the outward expansion fog lamp area design , The front face of the whole vehicle is different from the usual Lingke model , Its design style is unique in the Lingke family series .

Led the g 09

The body size of a new car is :5042*1977*1780mm, The wheelbase is 2984mm, Positioned in medium and large scale SUV, And also has 6、7 Seat layout of seat . Appearance takes care of young people's choice , Practicability meets the travel needs of a family of many .

Led the g 09

motivation , The new model will be equipped with 2.0T The plug-in hybrid system composed of Volvo engine and motor , Matching it is Aisin 8AT Manual self - contained gearbox , From the current plug-in and mix market , There are few medium and large SUV With 2.0T+8AT The power of the hand as a base , And another motor is added to form the plug-in mixing system , In terms of power and fuel economy , Chage is looking forward to the power and fuel saving performance of the new car .

Led the g 09

“ sell 30 The price of 10000 yuan is even optional for reversing radar , That other comfort 、 Intelligent configuration does not cost more money ?” Although to link 09 have interest in , But reversing radar becomes “ Optional ”, Still persuaded many friends to retreat . But link 09 Whether the new model is after the exposure of the application drawing of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Will absorb a public opinion to adjust the new car , Chage will follow up and continue to report to you .

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