BYD F5 new car exposure! Take a 1.5L plug-in hybrid, with a length of more than Qin plus, or it is dedicated to the online car Hailing market

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byd f5 new car exposure

In recent days, , The Ministry of industry and information technology once again exposed the application drawings of a new batch of new cars , In this batch of declaration drawings , Tea song saw BYD again , You should know the application drawings of the last batch of new cars , BYD was ready to launch BYD Han DM-i, And Han DM-i It will be one 1.5T Plug in hybrid entry model . Not until this model has not been officially unveiled . BYD has another new car on the information of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Code name F5.

From the outside , The new car doesn't use BYD's Drgaon face3.0 Design language of , Instead, it's “ Recover one's original simplicity ”, The front face adopts a large-area air inlet grille in the mesh , On both sides LED The headlight and the middle are printed with “BYD” The chrome plate is made into an integrated , The two sides of the car body are also split, and the design style of external expansion is adopted , The front face of the whole vehicle reveals a special domineering and ferocious temperament .

The tail of the car body seems to inherit BYD's “ Marine Aesthetics ” Design , The new car adopts an integrated tail lamp design , The width of the body exceeds the waist line of the body , In the middle “Bulid your dream” Highly recognizable English label , At the bottom right of the trunk “f5” The code is very conspicuous , There is also a cooling port corresponding to the front face under the car body , The tail of the whole vehicle has a very car running temperament .

From the exposed declaration information , The new car will be a flagship A+ Class compact new car , Its body size 4780*1837*1495mm. The wheelbase is 2718mm. At present, Qin PLUS The size is :4765×1837×1495mm, The wheelbase 2718mm. In contrast , The length of the new car is more than Qin plus Throw it away , And in the declaration information , The engine of this new car will be equipped with 1.5L Plug in the hybrid , The maximum power of the engine is 81kW, The acceleration can reach 7.9 second .

See this new car , I believe many friends have questions like brother cha , Since the new car is only better than Qin PLUS The size of the is a little bigger , And with the same power , Why launch this new car ? Many friends speculate , This new car is just to supplement F3 New energy models , This car may be put in e Online sales , That is, the online car Hailing market .

Except that many netizens said the new car looked like “ Pull the leather cart ” outside , Some car owners also reported : I made it two months ago plus It hasn't been delivered as scheduled , Recently, BYD has also been exposed to lack of production capacity , The existing orders on hand will have to be delayed for at least half a year to complete the delivery , And in this case , BYD is still launching new cars , What is this mystery operation ?

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