They say three cylinders are good, but why do car companies switch back to four cylinders?

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say cylinders good car companies

Chatting with friends two days ago , Mention the Mercedes Benz 1.3T The engine , He said categorically that it was a three cylinder engine , And I also strongly point out that it is a four cylinder , Because I drove Mercedes Benz before GLB When , Everyone's comments are attacking that it's a three cylinder , I was very impressed . thus it can be seen , How many opinions do our ordinary consumers have about the three cylinder engine , even to the extent that 1.3T The four cylinder engine is only because there is a number on the displacement 3 either “ immune ”.

Not long ago , News from the new Fox ,“ Enough of three cylinders “ This car , Will be in 2022 In the second quarter of, it returned to four cylinder power in the form of a new model . you 're right , I use it ” Enough ” The word , This is derived from the changes in fox sales . And the last six months , I wonder if anyone will choose the cash of three cylinders ?

In fact, choose to abandon the three cylinders , More than one has reactivated the four cylinders , Buick yinglang, once the top three in the car sales list , Now it also benefits from the return of four cylinder power , again “ Ramulus ” Get up .

So today, let's take you to understand in simple terms “ Three cylinder engine ” The past and this life .

Come to save

The three cylinder engine was born in the last century 60 years , The three cylinder engine at that time was very simple 、 Easy to produce , But also because of this , Congenital problems and defects are difficult to solve at one time , Neither development nor popularization can be carried out , Has been deprecated .

FAW Xiali was the first to use a three cylinder engine in China , This may be that some national consumers have pasted on the three cylinders “ Not good. ” The source of the label . However, at that time, our car enterprises had historical limitations , As low as 2000 Block cost three cylinder engine , Do you use it or not ? Not just car companies , The Chinese people who were eager to own cars at that time , Facing Suzuki hatchback 、 chery QQ These cheap three cylinder cars , No, I still bought a lot ,QQ Sales are even over a million , Force foreign brand models to reduce prices , It's also a divine car . Then everyone bought the car back , Only then did I know that my car has a shaking massage function .

To save energy

After a period of silence , The three cylinder engine has become restless in recent years . from BBA Luxury brands go to Liangtian, which has a reputation for durable leather , And American brands 、 Independent brand , Research on three cylinder engine , Many three cylinder models have also been launched . Why does it “ A stirring among the dry bones ” Well ? The reason lies in the global energy conservation and emission reduction policy , As the world's largest automobile consumer market, China is still particularly strict .

Some friends may not understand , Why do some engines have the same displacement , Three cylinders save more fuel than four ? In fact, the reason lies in weight and friction loss . The three cylinder engine is compared with the four cylinder engine , The weight can be reduced by about 60 Jin , And the friction loss should be less than 20%, So relative fuel saving is a natural attribute , Four cylinders at the current process level , It's hard to cross this point .

Another reason for restarting the three cylinder engine is that the current new energy vehicles are not mature enough , Including technology and market acceptance , It is impossible for major automobile enterprises to complete the transformation at once . But emission reduction policies are at hand , So they thought of the relatively fuel-efficient three cylinder engine , They have made great efforts to develop “ Balance shaft technology ”, And this is just to make everyone better accept the three cylinder engine , The real purpose is to 2025 Years ago, a motor was inserted , 100 kilometers with hybrid power 4L Requirements for average fuel consumption .

An indelible label

Although the shake balance of three cylinder engine has made great progress , Even developing and manufacturing a three cylinder engine is much more expensive than a four cylinder engine , We can also improve the R & D and manufacturing level of three cylinder engine , About equal to the scientific and technological level of the engine of the current automobile enterprises , But the label on the three cylinder body , Still can't take it off .

This is a problem of consumption inertia , For example, health problems in the catering industry , Even if the rectification is completed and reopened , Then let's eat , I will also think of the previous problems . Dozens of 、 Hundreds of food consumption problems still make us so mind , What's more, the car consumption in 10000 or 100000 units ?

This is why the major three cylinder engines have won many awards in the automotive industry , The fundamental reason why the market still doesn't buy . In my personal experience , The three cylinder engine that is doing well at present , There really is no jitter problem , Even less jitter than many four cylinder engines at idle speed , But I am still worried that the three cylinder engine will be used for a long time in the future , Can it be as stable as ever ?

Tea brother's words

As a practitioner in the automotive industry , I don't dislike these new technologies , Even I very much hope that more and more advanced engine technology will appear , Because that's the only way , In this global carbon neutral game , Only fuel vehicles have the capital to compete with pure trams , So that our next generation can , Even the next generation can see the charm of fuel vehicles . As for whether you can buy a three cylinder car , It really depends on you , In the final analysis, this is just a consumption , Some people think brand is more important , So the three cylinder big space BMW X1 Live well , But if you put it on other ordinary brands and models , When there is a choice , We prefer the four cylinder , isn't it? ?

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