Great Wall has a new model, which looks like tank 300. Will it be difficult to find a car?

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great wall new model looks

recently , Harvard exposed a new set of SUV The patent map of .

From the picture , The new model is still tough , And tanks 300 It's like , Probably released by Shanghai Auto Show “X DOG” Mass production version of .

The front part is very hard , There are not too many fancy places , China open is very narrow . The body side , Clear outline , The front door has a concealed door handle , And the door handle of the back door is C Upper end of column . The design of the wheel hub is domineering .

The rear side , Full of muscle . The territory is very high , The ground clearance is higher than that of Ordinary Cities SUV It's much bigger. , Its off-road performance is further emphasized .

The interior upholstery was not disclosed , But we released from Shanghai Auto Show “X DOG” The model picture can predict one or two , It must be combined with the favorite sense of technology of young people today . For example, the LCD screen on the steering wheel 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Central control LCD and touch LCD below , It fully embodies the sentence “ Pack your back , The world is my playground ”.

motivation , Although there is no exposure , But the probability is with tanks 300 equally .

tanks 300 Main hardline cross-country , At present, it is difficult to find a car . If this is also a hardline cross-country SUV Introduction , Will it be hard to find a car ? We'll see

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