Ideal large 6-seat SUV spy exposure! Replace the 1.5T four cylinder, with an output of 90000 vehicles or go on the market next year

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ideal large 6-seat seat suv

In recent days, , Some media people actually photographed the new large size of ideal car in the interior of ideal car 6 seat SUV: Ideal X01( The figure below ). Although the new car uses full camouflage stickers , But there are ideals parked from the side ONE Look at , Obviously ideal X01 A bigger circle , And there have been some changes in modeling design .

Ideal X01

Ideal X01

The new car doesn't match the ideal ONE Adopt the same family design style , Ideal ONE Large area air inlet grille is adopted , In the middle is a through LED Light strip through , The fog lamp areas on both sides adopt the modeling design of inverted tusks , On collocation LED Squint of headlights , The front face of the whole car looks more sharp .

Ideal ONE

And ideal X01 The front face of the adopts a hierarchical design style , Flat and low lying front shape 、 And the through cooling port below , If you cover it up and don't look LED In the case of headlights , The shape is somewhat similar to the Lingke car with young style in the current market . The body size of the new car will be :5150/1980/1800mm, The wheelbase 3100mm, According to the previous product plan , The new car will be a six seat luxury SUV.

The shape of the tail , The new car still adopts a square design style , Looks closer to home positioning , It gives people quite enough sense of security . And the rear view glass at the tail is very wide , Ideal collocation ONE Always adhere to the white interior design style , The whole car will give people very good permeability . Because its positioning is large 6 seat SUV, Guarantee 6 Beyond the comfort of full seating , It also has good trunk space .

Ideal ONE

Ideal X01

interiors , The new car will adopt a new family design style , The integrated central control screen design is no longer used . From the spy photos , The new car will adopt a more layered interior design , In the middle is the design of a suspended central control screen , Replace the three width multifunctional steering wheel with a four pair steering wheel , And it may cancel the traditional straight row gear rod design , Instead, it has the same design as Mercedes Benz .

motivation , The new car will be replaced with a brand new 1.5T Four cylinder engine , The thermal efficiency of the engine can reach 40%, Such thermal efficiency is important for 1.5T Four cylinder engine can only be regarded as a regular achievement . The new car will also match 44.5kWh Three element lithium battery pack , Matched with it is the honeycomb energy generator ,NEDC The pure electric endurance under working conditions is expected to reach 180 km , The oil tank is also made of the original 55 L change into 65 Oil tank , Under the condition of full fuel and full power, the comprehensive endurance is expected to reach 850 km .

besides , The front double wishbone independent suspension will be adopted for the chassis suspension of the new car + The rear five link is independently suspended , And provide air for suspension and L4 Level of autopilot , And the annual output will reach 9 Thousands of cars , Now, L4 Level of automatic driving is not fully popularized , If the time is right , It is expected that the new car will be in 2022 It was launched in .

According to the previously exposed product schedule , The new car will be a benchmarking Mercedes Benz GLS Large size luxury SUV, The practical point of this new car is : Size increase 、 change 4 cylinder 、 newly added L4 Level , The new car will be upgraded for these three points , The price of the new car will reach 39.98 ten thousand , Do you think it's worth it ?

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