I found the right person this time! Renault and Geely have reached a "technology sharing" and will launch a new hybrid model

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Today, (8 month 9 Number ), Chage learned from the official websites of Geely and Renault , Geely and Renault officially signed “ Memorandum of understanding ”, Reach a technology sharing Partnership , In the future, hybrid models will be launched for the markets of China and South Korea , And the new model will be based on Lingke energy-saving platform CMA Architecture to create , And will also create a new model for the exclusive Korean market .

See here a netizen put forward , The new car will be based on Lingke's CMA Platform architecture building , Lingke is a joint venture brand of Geely and Volvo , So whether the new models built by Geely and Renault in the future are disguised “ Tripartite cooperation ”. This tripartite cooperation is not the first time for Renault , Before that, Renault will cooperate with Nissan respectively 、 Mitsubishi Motor has reached a cooperation , The electric vehicle launched has been widely praised in some countries .

This time Renault found Geely and wanted to go back to the Chinese market , At present, Renault has three joint ventures in China : Jiangling new energy 、 Yijiete new energy , Brilliance Renault golden cup three joint ventures . Obviously , The market share of the three joint ventures in China's household cars is not large , The audience of car companies is not wide, which also leads to Renault “ stealth ” Chinese Market , This time I found the boss of Geely Automobile, an independent car enterprise , Joint cooperation is expected to achieve great success . For this partnership , Many netizens said that : I found the right person this time .

Renault is not as miserable as it looks , Despite repeated frustrations in the Chinese market 、 But the Korean market is Renault's “ Second home ”, In this cooperation, we still remember our old business , In the signed agreement , Renault will also launch based on CMA A new hybrid car built by platform architecture , Then it will be developed and transformed and put into South Korea , And will also cooperate with Samsung , And the Renault logo that the new car is likely to hang .

This cooperation is not groundless , Because I heard earlier that , Renault group wants to cooperate with Geely , Want to use Geely's CMA The platform architecture produces fuel vehicles . This cooperation is very important for the Chinese and Korean markets , There is no doubt that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages , But many netizens pointed out : Geely, which has cooperated with foreign enterprises for many times , There are fewer and fewer self-developed models , That means that the background of car companies that rely on others to eat is not reliable , It's hard to go far .

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