Due to the shortage of chips, Ford delayed the delivery of mach-e pure tram in the United States and provided compensation

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shortage chips ford delayed delivery

According to foreign media , Ford recently booked the Mustang series from the United States Mach-E The owner of a pure electric vehicle sent an email , It means that 2021 year 7 month 5 solstice 10 month 1 The owner who placed the order between the days , The delivery of the new car will be delayed 6 Around the week . To compensate these owners , Ford gave an extra gift to users 250kWh Free charging limit , This power is about enough to make Mach-E travel 1126 km .


Mustang series Mach-E GT

In the email , Ford said the global shortage of semiconductor chips , Has affected the production of cars , Some chips are in short supply . Reserve Mach-E The owner of the , The delivery of new vehicles will be delayed by at least 6 Zhou , Once the scheduled car gets the required chip , Ford will immediately notify users by e-mail , And inform the specific expected delivery date . Complimentary charging limit , At Ford's own Blue Oval Charging network use .
ford Mach-E On 2020 Official release ,2021 Has begun to accept reservations in the Chinese market , The price is 26.5 Ten thousand yuan . The series currently has 5 models , Standard range rear drive output power 201 kw ,GT Version output power 359 kw , 100km acceleration time 3.6 second . Besides , The long-range version of this car has a range of 619 km .

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