Is the collision beam of MPV OK? Just take the car apart

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collision beam mpv ok car
Some people say MPV The crash beams are very poor , What about the actual situation ? Today we will take this GAC motor M8 Open , Start with the crash beam and talk with everyone .

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Front crash beam

Double layer rolling

Take apart the front bumper of the car , You can see a strong front crash beam , It is a double-layer rolling steel plate structure commonly used in Japanese cars , Thickness is 1.57 mm , The width can cover the front of the car 65%. In the anti-collision beam of the same structure , It's thicker .
Between the front crash beam and the bumper , There's a pedestrian protection foam against Liang Tongkuan .



Slide left and right to see more

In order to deal with the oblique collision at the front , This car is on both sides of the front longitudinal beam , A rather strong reinforcing beam is designed to connect with the longitudinal beam , Form a stable structure of closed loop . This is a popular design at present , Can not only improve 25% Crash test results , And for actual road collisions at various angles , It can also play a corresponding protective role . Compared with those who simply deal with crash tests , Vehicles strengthened or guided only in the collision position , Much more practical and effective .


The front energy absorption box is square , No collapsing and punching , But there are corresponding collapse folds .


Rear bumper

Single layer stamping


Compared with many MPV No or almost a crash beam , The rear bumper of this car is quite regular . The thickness of the 1.31 Mm single-layer stamped steel plate , Can cover the rear of the car 65.56%.


The rear energy absorbing box is also designed very regularly , With collapsing perforations , Complete screws , Not like some joint venture brands , Reduced energy absorption box 、 Reduce the rear crash beam bolts .


The rear anti-collision beam does not protrude out of the rear tailgate , So in low-speed collisions , The rear tailgate is more vulnerable to damage .



Who says MPV The crash beam can't ?

Because of some Japanese systems MPV Too much emphasis on internal space , Shrunk the rear bumper , So many people think ,MPV The crash beam can't , In fact, the only thing that doesn't work is those foreign joint venture cars . By dismantling this GAC motor M8 You will find , For domestic independent brands MPV for ,“ The crash beam doesn't work ” That's not true .

Although the crash beam of the car is not made of aluminum alloy , But the overall workmanship is quite regular , There should be , I've done everything I need to do , And although the structural design originated from the Japanese system , But it did not follow the Japanese system “ Examination ” Bad habits , But to take care of the actual collision , The overall reinforcement of the side section .

So what about the chassis of this car ? Please continue to pay attention to the subsequent disassembly contents . The measurement data and conclusions in this article and video are only responsible for this vehicle , The measurement data shall be responsible for the published experimental method .

2021 GAC motor M8 Crash beam rating



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